Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

sangeeta ma'am

Miss Sangeeta says that her mother has been the guiding force in her life. She not only gave her life but also taught her fundamental skills like communication, eating, walking, and proper behavior. Her guidance extended beyond these basics to instill manners and various life lessons. She’s her confidante, someone with whom Miss Sangeeta can discuss both the joys and hardships of life. She’s akin to a teacher, always ready to help her solve any problem that comes her way. Miss Sangeeta believes that those who view their parents as their primary educators receive a unique and invaluable lesson in life.

She never expresses her love towards her mother but treats her like a friend who is always there as the backbone. The one who taught her every single thing and developed her strong personality. They share a hydrogen bond that can never be broken. Miss Sangeeta expresses her deepest gratitude to her mother for being the best teacher of her life. The guidance, wisdom, and endless patience taught by her mother turned her into a strong person. Thank you Mother for imparting not only knowledge but also invaluable life lessons. Miss Sangeeta is forever thankful for her mother’s love and teachings.

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