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Houston, TX, February 07, 2023  MUDLabs™ brings the latest fluid performance technologies to the digital oilfield. announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. Joining forces with Cutpoint, Inc. they are launching new and improved ways to reduce drilling operators’ non-productive time when drilling.

Founded in 2014, the MUDLabs™ proven technologies are packaged, designed, and field tested to ensure the maximum drilling performance during your drilling program. MUDLabs™ deploys state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to enhance Drilling Fluids Performance and Hydraulic Fracture Performance for myriad clients. Their new partner Cutpoint, Inc. has served the upstream E&P industry for over 30 years. Cutpoint’s approach is to streamline “backyard” operations, track meaningful KPIs, and put dashboards in place that allow drilling management to “run the backyard by the numbers.”

The rebranding will offer a new approach with NPTLabs™ developing additional technologies that enhances drilling operators’ companies’​ environmental efficiency and performance whether locally or across the world with a suite of proprietary products and services. This rebranding has the mission to reduce cost, minimize environmental footprint, and improve the performance of fluid-related drilling operations. The new logo will carry the same MUDLabs™ colors, and the new website will expand sections on engineering and consulting services.

Bob Troy, NPTLabs™ COO said, “The concept of NPTLabs just like the name says is to reduce the Non-Productive Time for drilling operators to improve performance with drilling fluid measurement services. NPTLabs™ designs oilfield equipment and processes to satisfy drilling requirements. We specialize in harsh and remote environments. We apply engineering fundamentals to optimize the performance of Mud Tank Systems, Shale Shakers, Centrifuges, Thermal Desorption Equipment, and Cuttings Handling Equipment.”

Using appropriate measures and procedures like mud tests, you can protect your downhole tools, improve drilling fluids performance, increase savings, have better knowledge of the time to dilute, and ultimately avoid non-productive time. It is all in the fluid lab reading. The company is no longer just a van for on-call mobile laboratories, they are the one-stop-shop for any drilling operator to run their mud tests, engineer solutions, and train their personnel to maximize drilling performance.

Visit them to explore the new website, brand, and office.
Robert Troy

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