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Oxford, United Kingdom, February 07, 2023 —- About “Max Deepfake Revenge”:

A frenzied drug pusher brutally attacks Jo Hadge on her doorstep late at night. Terrified, she defends herself and, in desperate danger, lashes out and stabs him.

But it is Jo who ends up in court and must face a tense, nerve-shredding trial.
Dan, her partner, and lover, believes in her innocence. He wants revenge. He creates a devastating sham social media campaign of retribution, posting fictitious deep fake videos of character destruction.

A horrifying international cataclysm follows his brilliant comeuppance. From the UK to Ohio to Mexico and Ecuador, Dan’s crusade wreaks terrible repercussions on the families and gangs of cocaine suppliers.

Suddenly a psychopathic IT mogul, a cartel boss, dealers, and pushers are all caught by Dan’s deepfake sting – but who will pay, and what is the shocking price of a lover’s vengeance?

This work is available worldwide via Amazon and all good bookstores:
Paperback (204 pages)
Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.3 x 21.59 cm
ISBN-13 9781800944527 / 9781800944589
Kindle eBook ASIN B0BMB2LF3P
Amazon URL:
Published in the UK by Michael Terence Publishing, 2022

About the Author
Tony has been writing for most of his life, from editing a group of newspapers to copywriting and creating speeches and scripts for global company videos and conferences.

His news and research instincts, combined with his interests in emerging technologies and new media, create the essence of his books which, although fictional, have a core of fact and real-life occurrences running through them.
Max’s deep fake revenge is his debut as an author. It involves the power of social media and technology, especially deep fake, and how it can be manipulated for crime and revenge. And in Tony’s books, revenge is served with compelling extra heat.

Tony lives in Wiltshire with Sarah, his beloved wife, and inspiration.

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