Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

A must-watch show for its extraordinary storyline, Alex Rider showcases the life of an ordinary teenager who is recruited by a subdivision of MI6 as a teenage spy. This engaging show will take the viewers through the thrilling adventure and skills that Alex uses to solve the mystery. Watch the show exclusively on Colors Infinity every, Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Since we’re talking about spies so much, we couldn’t help but come back home to Bollywood with some extraordinary thriller spies. Here are a few that we think are mind-blowing, check them out!

Vidya Bagchi – Kahaani
Kahaani is a Bollywood movie that features a pregnant Vidya who wanders the streets of Kolkata in search of her husband. The tactics and tricks that Vidya uses in her mission are indeed commendable. The plot is highly intriguing and a treat for those who love suspense thrillers. This film resonates with the audience as you watch with bated breath, the techniques used to solve the cases in Alex Rider.

Vishwanath – Vishwaroopam
The character, Vishwanath, in the thriller movie Vishwaroopam is immensely popular among the audience. Just like Alex, even Vishwanath works on different missions without revealing his real identity. He uses different names and tries to solve the case by hiding who he actually is, making every story just that much more intriguing.

Shabana Khan – Naam Shabana
In the action-thriller Naam Shabana, the undercover agent Shabana Khan tries her best to solve the case of illegal smuggling in and around the city. In similar spirit, Alex tries his best to deal with arms smuggling and other illegal activities with his extraordinary planning without giving a thought for his life.

Sehmat Khan Syed – Raazi
Sehmat Khan Syed is a spy in the Indian Army who was sent across the border as an agent to spy nefarious activities and share the same with the Indian counterparts. Alex also proved to be the best spy for his team as he went all out, just like Sehmat to do anything for the wellbeing of his country.

Meenakshi Mehta – Ankhen
Ankhen is considered to be the pioneer of spy thriller movies in Bollywood. It is one such movie that gained immense popularity because of the extraordinarily thrilling elements it held. Alex’s story is also full of twists and turns that will glue the viewers to their screens.

Tune into Colors Infinity every, Monday to Friday at 9 PM to watch the exciting thriller Alex Rider that will keep your heart & mind edgy!

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