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BENGALURU, FEBRUARY 24, 2023 — LG Electronics India announced the rollout of the 2023 LG Soundbar lineup, delivering a range of stellar, new models that elevate the home entertainment experience with immersive sound, convenient features, and stylish, eco-minded design.

Taking home cinema to a whole new level, LG’s latest high-end soundbars1 provide powerful and precise multi-channel audio that leverages the world’s first center up-firing speaker to create an exceptionally realistic soundstage. The center up-firing speaker enhances the clarity of dialogue and ‘positions’ sounds more accurately in space to make movies and other content feel more lifelike.

The flagship model of the 2023 lineup, the S95QR is the complete package and an ideal solution for home cinema buffs, offering an 810W output, 9.1.5 channels, and center up-firing speakers. LG’s top-of-the-line soundbar features a total of five up-firing channels – three on the soundbar itself, and two in the wireless rear speakers – to create an expansive, dynamic soundscape that surrounds users and draws them deeper into the onscreen action and to make Meridian, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and IMAX enhanced content even more immersive.

The premium S95QR also features upgraded wireless rear speakers this year, sporting six channels compared to the four of its predecessors. With triple up-firing drivers complementing four front/side drivers, S95QR’s rear speakers distribute sound evenly across an impressively wide 135-degree angle. This enhanced capability gives users more flexibility when it comes to speaker placement and is especially helpful for those with limited space.

The S95QR, and other select 2023 LG Soundbars, are equipped with a more sensitive receiver that allows for greater distances between the soundbar, subwoofer and rear speakers without adversely affecting audio quality. LG’s premium models also ensure uninterrupted viewing and listening pleasure thanks to improved wireless connection stability that largely prevents any drops or lag in audio output. Meanwhile, Music Mode featuring Meridian Audio’s Horizon technology enables the 2023 soundbars to up-mix two-channel audio to 9.1.5-channels for more realistic acoustic surround sound.

LG’s latest high-end models support IMAX Enhanced3, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X2, allowing movie buffs to enjoy authentic cinematic experiences from the comfort of their own living room or private theater. New for this year, LG’s soundbars welcome MERIDEAN support, which delivers a new level of audio three-dimensionality when playing compatible content.

In addition to variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM), which help make console gaming more immersive by perfectly syncing the sound with the gameplay on screen4. It is also equipped with 4K/120Hz pass through, which will provide the best image quality.

The WOW Orchestra feature of the soundbar provides rich surround effect by using TV speakers. It also comes with an improved volume UI design for external audio devices connection. The 2023 soundbars are equipped with AI Room Calibration which intelligently adjusts low-frequency performance to the room’s dimensions for optimized sound delivery. Its frequency band is expanded from 200Hz to 400Hz to improve the balance and loudness of voice.

Commenting on the launch, Hak Hyun Kim, Director- Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India said, “LG constantly works on innovating products with cutting-edge technology and advanced features to offer an immersive experience to our customers. The latest range of soundbars are equipped with the world’s first Center Firing-Up speaker, thus offering a high-end audio experience. We are confident that this innovation will cater to the varied needs of our consumers and will be a game changer in the industry.”

LG Soundbar continues to set the standard for environmentally-conscious design, employing reused and easily recyclable materials, consuming a minimal amount of power during operation, and shipping in eco-friendly packaging. All 2023 models have received SGS Eco-Product recognition from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland for their minimal environmental impact, and feature polyester jersey fabric made from recycled materials that meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).5 Furthermore, LG’s sustainably designed soundbars contain parts fabricated from recycled plastic resin and have been validated by UL’s Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP). LG’s 2023 soundbars are ENERGY STAR® certified thanks to their minimal and efficient use of power.

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