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KLH Hyderabad Campus Empowers Villages throug

New Delhi, 30th May 2023 KLH Hyderabad Campus of KL Deemed to be University KLH Hyderabad Campus is making significant strides in empowering villages and transforming lives through its Smart Village Revolution initiatives. To understand the need for focused attention, a dedicated team of 140 students and faculty members visited 3 villages of Hyderabad, Telangana to address crucial needs. A small quick survey was also conducted by the Department of Students Activity Center who visited three villages in Telangana, namely Qutubuddinguda, Reddipally, and Appojiguda, as part of their efforts to identify the needs and conduct camps to address the required skilling areas.

The camp commenced with a thorough evaluation of the children’s English communication skills, revealing a significant need for improvement. In response, tailored English-speaking sessions were conducted, employing effective teaching methodologies. The children exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and progress, demonstrating a substantial improvement in their speaking skills and showcasing a keen interest in mastering the English language.

Addressing another critical aspect, the camp focused on enhancing health awareness among the girls of the villages. Engaging directly with the girls, a series of interactive sessions were conducted, delving into various aspects of their health. It was observed that a lack of knowledge about physical and hormonal changes during adolescence was prevalent among them. Consequently, comprehensive information about menstruation was provided, emphasizing the importance of adopting appropriate safety measures during this time.

Furthermore, the camp included career guidance sessions to support the aspirations of the children. Valuable guidance was provided, highlighting the necessary steps and shedding light on the potential challenges they may encounter along the way.

Dr. G. Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice Chancellor of KL Deemed to be University, emphasized the significance of the Smart Village Revolution initiatives, stating, “We believe in actively contributing to the noble cause of transforming our villages into smart communities. Social responsibility is ingrained in our institution’s ethos, and we encourage our students to actively participate in such initiatives. The week-long program in Hyderabad is a testament to our commitment. Through social internship program at the University, students invest 80 to 120 hours in social work. Such programs serve as a meaningful platform for students to actively engage with communities, making valuable contributions to their development. By participating, students not only deepen their understanding of social issues but also cultivate a strong sense of empathy and the significance of giving back.”

The university firmly believes in nurturing essential qualities such as empathy, leadership skills, and social responsibility among its students. These initiatives not only benefit the villages and communities they serve but also shape a brighter future for the students themselves. Through their active involvement, students become empowered agents of positive change, driving progress and transformation in society.

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