Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Kingdom of White, launches its travel-inspired collection, EscapadeKingdom of White’s new Escapade collection captures the essence of travel with 14 pieces of relaxed and comfortable white clothing that includes a mix of versatile fabrics and fun prints, inspired by the various travel destinations around the world from local hideouts to iconic landmarks. Embodying the spirit of adventure, they launched the collection with travel and lifestyle content creator, Siddharth Kerkar who elevated the styles with his relaxed and fun-loving vibe.

Commenting on the new collection, Vineet Haralalka, CEO of Kingdom of White says “Escapade offers a journey to serene destinations for the modern traveler, featuring styles with travel-friendly textures, unique designs, and rich artisanal prints. Siddharth Kerkar, our muse, embodies the spirit of ‘Escapade’ with a life painted by global experiences. This collaboration celebrates a life of versatility, elegance, and zest.

Siddharth Kerkar shares, “The collection is a mix of art, adventure, and travel that echoes my personal journey. Kingdom of White’s dedication to deliver quality white clothes that are classic, versatile and fun is why the Escapade collection resonated with me.”

Be ready for any adventure, whether a planned weekend getaway or an impromptu vacation with the Escapade collection. The collection has quality clothing pieces ranging. The collection is available online ( and in Kingdom of White stores across India.

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