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Bengaluru, February 28, 2023: Josh, India’s fastest-growing and most engaged short-video app, has concluded the #SwitchToDaburRedPaste campaign launched in collaboration with Dabur India Limited, the world’s largest Science-based Ayurveda major, on the Josh app. The campaign was launched to enable Dabur to interact with its users in an engaging manner while also creating product awareness amongst the target audience.

Conceptualised as a hashtag challenge to garner maximum user engagement, the campaign was designed in-tune with Dabur’s TVC starring famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan. The short-video campaign captured the brand’s proposition of combining modern science and traditional Indian Ayurveda to create effective and authentic products for the Indian consumer. This was effectively conveyed by incorporating the avatars portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan in the TVC – Mr. Gyan and Mr. Vigyan – in the official soundtrack of the campaign. Furthermore, a branded filter and customised choreography was also created by Josh to draw attention to the various features of Dabur Red Paste. To enable a wider reach, top creators on Josh such as Shivani Kapila, Vinay Kanth, Dipti Sharma and Kishor Paul kickstarted the campaign on Josh.

“At Josh, we partner with brands on their journey to engage with customers in an authentic and effective manner by leveraging the lucrative format of short-video content. Through our collaboration with Dabur for the #SwitchToDaburRedPaste campaign, we have been able to curate an immersive and engaging brand experience while also creating product awareness. By working together with our vast and diverse community of creators across the country, we have executed this campaign successfully as well as creatively as we furthered Dabur’s reach amongst users across Bharat as shown in the spectacular results garnered in by campaign. This campaign is yet another example on the effectiveness and need for brands to include short-video content in their marketing strategies,” said Sunil Kumar Mohapatra, Chief Revenue Officer, VerSe Innovation

“We gained valuable insight into the effectiveness of short-form video marketing while working with Josh on the #SwitchToDaburRedPaste campaign. The campaign’s results demonstrate the power of emerging short-video format in fostering significant brand interactions especially among the younger audience to establish a more genuine and meaningful connection” said Mr. Harkawal Singh, Marketing Head-Oral Care, Dabur India Ltd.

The campaign was a massive success, recording over 462 million video views, more than 4.4K UGC created, and over 34.8 million hearts, garnering a total reach of more than 37.2 million. Furthermore, brand lift studies conducted showed that there was an increase in brand and ad recall as well as a significant increase in brand preference following the campaign.

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