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Barcelona, Spain, February 06, 2023 — At Integrated Systems Europe 2023, oomnis Limited is unveiling today its next-generation workspace management under a new brand identity: FlexEZ.

After 5 years and three major releases and a multitude of minor release under the FlexO brand name and to accompany and leverage the major shift globally towards new work habits and models across not only offices but throughout whole enterprises, FlexEZ (pronounced flex-easy) was selected as the new registered brand for oomnis’ next-generation workspace management solution.

As part of the change, FlexEZ focus shifts from being a resource-centric solution to being a user-centered and user centric solution, beginning with a fantastic new UI/UX experience, build on top of the latest dynamic web application development frameworks, leveraging the state-of-the-art web technologies such as React, WebSockets and NEXT.JS.

FlexEZ continues being built upon the existing mature high-performance workspace booking engine that has a successful deployment track-record including many prominent and notorious Fortune 100 companies in various industries such as institutional finance, high-end car manufacturing, global freight management or public transportation operation companies.

With a release date planned for Q2’2023 and in addition to the major user-interface rewrite, FlexEZ will be bringing the following new key features to enterprises facing the challenges of the new hybrid work model.

First, FlexEZ will ship with a brand-new presence planning engine, making it possible for organizations to plan and organize the company work schedules. It allows team leaders to request their team to enter and allow them to visualize the current and future expected locations of work, travel schedule and personal time-off as planned by each team member. By enforcing company-mandated presence policies, organizing e,g, mandatory-presence days turns into a mundane task.

A major milestone with FlexEZ release will also be the unveiling and support of a full line-up of custom hardware systems and accessories starting with:

– The advanced room entrance tablet under the “eztablet” brand, a 10″ Android-based PoE-enabled tablet hardware and sporting a NFC reader compatible with the majority of NFC cards.

– The brand-new room entrance tag, under the “ezroomtag” brand, our very low-power 7.5″ eInk battery powered tag that can be installed anywhere and makes it possible to display updated meetings information without rooms while minimizing energy consumption, helping achieve your companies sustainable development goals (shipment starting in Q2/Q3 2023).

– The eInk desk check-in tag, under the “ezdesktag” brand, our very low-power 4.2″ battery powered tag for easy booking of desks or other smaller individual resources such as bike racks, personal lockers etc. (shipment starting in Q2/Q3 2023).

Finally, FlexEZ will release with the full support for the following industry leading systems:
– Lutron lighting system can now be fully automated through FlexEZ, making it possible to automatically switch on and off room lighting based on room bookings schedule or at check-in time.
– The Atlona OCS-900N sensor room small form-factor occupancy sensor is now fully supported, making it possible to automate room equipments, lighting or HVAC according to the occupancy status of the room.
– The QBIC TD-1070, the latest room entrance panel from QBIC Technologies is now fully supported with FlexEZ.

Packing hundreds of new features and improvements, the release of FlexEZ expected in Q2’2023 will be a significant milestone for oomnis making it possible for oomnis’ network of resellers to provide their customers around the world with a very capable solution available under either a permanent licensing or subscription licensing model to be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.

Guillaume Proux, Managing Director at oomnis Limited commented: “More revolution than evolution for oomnis, FlexEZ v3 will be a tool companies can rely on to solve their hybrid work model challenges thanks to its user-centric dynamic new UI and our new fantastic supporting hardware line-up.”

oomnis Limited is an innovative workplacetech company and proud creator of the mature and FlexEZ workspace booking and management solution suite. With our network of resellers deploying its solution across all major markets including most countries in Asia-Pacific, oomnis provides the system of choice for companies ranging from small companies looking to equip their meeting rooms with slick nice displays to global companies looking for a reliable solution for their workplace management that seamlessly integrates with the main modern online collaboration tools. More information about FlexEZ is available at the following website:

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