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16th February 2023: Travelling makes us collectors of memories—of moments that opened our eyes; of strangers who guided us on the right path; of food that took us home while being in a strange land; and so much more. These moments live on in our minds and hearts, but by preserving them on a vast canvas, we preserve a part of ourselves. That’s exactly what made Swati and Siddharth start Inland, a curated travel apparel brand that presents some of their cherished memories on exclusive garments. The founders hope that by doing so, they will inspire you to take the road less travelled and return to places that have captured your heart and soul.

It all started in 2015, when Swati and Siddharth went on their first bike ride in the mountains of Ladakh. This was the trip that changed their lives and left them enthralled and exuberant. They kept going for more rides before getting back to their fast-paced life in Mumbai. Then the pandemic came and put a pause on all their travel plans, but they found themselves yearning to go back. “Being a photographer and an artist, the idea of creating a travel-inspired apparel brand felt like the most natural expression of our love for the mountains. In literal terms, we want to carry the mountains on our sleeves!” says Swati.

The brand website showcases a collection of jackets that feature scenic stills from the founders’ travels. On one jacket, one can catch a glimpse of a bike ride in the middle of a snowy paradise, while another gives an ethereal view of a morning in Manali. Every jacket is meant to tell a story and entice the wearer to become a part of it. Furthermore, what makes these jackets so special is the little poem written inside each of them. These writings are an ode to the picturesque beauty and the mystic aura of the places shown on the outside. All the jackets are unisex, made up of 100% polyester, which makes them anti-wrinkle, and are available in sizes ‘XS’ through ‘7XL’. “We are looking forward to launching T-shirts, scarves, kaftans, skirts, shirts, and other merchandise phase wise,” says Siddharth, while stressing the fact that all products will be based on real images taken by them on their travels without any filters and are size and gender inclusive.

In terms of future plans, Inland intends to become a force to be reckoned with in the international market, owing to their first mover advantage with their distinctive prints. The brand is also passionate about building a community of like-minded travellers on social media who are enthusiastic about sharing real stories that are meant to be seen, heard, and felt. These are the stories that are sure to inspire someone to take the road less traveled, to explore the unexplored, and to create moments that will last a lifetime. This is how the thrill of travelling can be kept alive, which will eventually rub off on all those who are yet to be consumed by wanderlust.

Inland strives to rekindle the spirit of adventure within you with its travel-inspired apparel. It is meant to make your heart yearn to go places and discover yourself while you discover the wonders around you. So, get ready to be a part of a larger story and flaunt the same through Inland’s stunning garments!

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