Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Mumbai’s premier shopping, food, and entertainment destination – Infiniti Mall associated with Sunset Cinema Club to create an indelible movie-watching experience with Holly Bolly Evenings for its customers. Indulging in resplendent outdoor screenings, Infiniti Mall keeps its patrons engaged with a fascinating experience of watching movies under the stars over the weekend. Infiniti Mall commenced with open-air movie screenings in partnership with Sunset Cinema Club (SCC) in April 2022 and has completed over 40 open-air screenings at Infiniti Mall Malad and is the flagship venue partner.

Sunset Cinema Club kick-started operations in 2017, adding an element of freshness to the saturated market with its outdoor movie screenings. Open-air screenings present an opportunity for viewers to experience something out of the ordinary, watching engaging films in an exuberant environment together as a community.

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