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Delhi, 14th September 2023: In an era where technological innovation and cultural heritage meet, Tagbin, a pioneer in immersive tech experiences, stood at the forefront, showcasing two exceptional exhibitions that embodied India’s rich heritage and technological prowess at the G20 Summit held in New Delhi. These exhibitions, the ‘Digital India Experience Zone’ and ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy,’ brought together the essence of India’s past and its promising future. These exhibitions were visited by world leaders, including the honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, honorable Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak, honorable President of the United States Joe Biden, and other foreign delegates from Nigeria, Italy and France among many others, garnering global acclaim.

Digital India Experience Zone

From September 8 to 10, 2023, the ‘Digital India Experience Zone’ took centre stage at Pragati Maidan, offering a deep dive into India’s remarkable digital transformation journey. This event was under the patronage of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), showcasing global Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) initiatives launched in India following the inception of the Digital India Flagship Programme.

These initiatives, including Aadhaar, DigiLocker, UPI, eSanjeevani, DIKSHA, Bhashini, and ONDC, were selected to showcase the best practices in implementing DPIs. The immersive experience allowed visitors to explore DPI repositories in India, gaining valuable insights for the betterment of the global community. It featured a larger-than-life inverted LED Cube and a Digital Tree exhibit, designed with multiple screens, narrating the iconic journey of Digital India since 2014. Additionally, a unique experience awaited visitors at the Cycling VR Exhibit, where they could virtually explore the transformative Digital India journey.

The ultimate highlight of the exhibit stood as the AI-enabled G.I.T.A. application, encouraging delegates and media alike to seek answers to life’s questions in harmony with the revered Shrimad Bhagwad Gita. Shri Abhishek Singh, CEO of Digital India commended Tagbin’s role in advancing Digital India’s objectives and showcasing India’s digital evolution on a global platform, emphasizing the significance of their immersive experiences in fostering technological innovation and digital empowerment.

Bharat: Mother of Democracy

Simultaneously, in the same venue, ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy’ celebrated India’s profound democratic heritage. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this exhibition conveyed the deep-rooted origins of democracy in India.

At the very entry of the exhibition, an innovative AI Holobox welcomed visitors with personalized greetings. This AI avatar employed advanced voice cloning technology, creating a lifelike, real-person voice to greet incoming individuals. Delegates, especially, were enthralled by this groundbreaking innovation and creativity.

The exhibition featured 26 interactive panels, each covering various aspects of India’s democratic history, from the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization to the Constitution of India. Notably, AI technology crafted the content for these kiosks. To prevent audio intersections and provide a seamless audio experience, directional speakers were deployed. These specialized speakers projected audio in a conical area, ensuring that each person had a personalized experience with content available in 16 different languages. A rotating sculpture of the Dancing Girl from the Sindhu Saraswati Civilization, elevated on a podium, stood in the center of the hall that became another WOW spectacle.

These two exhibitions, ‘G20 Digital India Experience Zone’ and ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy,’ intertwined India’s historical legacy with technological advancement, presenting a unique narrative to the world leaders and delegates gathered at the G20 Summit. They served as a testament to India’s commitment to bridging the past and future through innovation and cultural heritage.

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