Grown Diamonds to Grow Your Love: Aukera Unveils Grown Diamond Collection for Karva Chauth

Marking the calendar for the Lunar month, Aukera Jewellery has launched its exclusive collection for Karva Chauth consisting of an exquisite assortment of grown diamond jewellery. The collection, starting from Rs 1 lakh onwards, is crafted carefully to be the ideal gift for the upcoming Karva Chauth festival.

Aukera Jewellery’s Karva Chauth Collection is sustainably designed to complement the beauty and grace of every woman celebrating the auspicious day and commemorate the everlasting bond between the husband and wife.

The pieces exclusively feature lab-grown diamonds, which are sustainably sourced and their cut, clarity, colour and carat weight give them distinct advantages over mined diamonds. Larger stones and fancy cuts (princess, emerald, oval, pear, cushion and heart-shaped diamonds) lending a contemporary touch to the designs. Additionally, grown diamonds also offer a significant cost advantage.

Celebrated to honour the husband-wife bond and pray for the safety and longevity of the husband, Karva Chauth offers the perfect opportunity to capture the ethos of the marital relationship through a well-thought-out gift. Blending traditions with modernity, grown diamonds are the ideal, conscious gifting choice of gift for the 21st-century woman. This Karwa Chauth, Aukera Jewellery celebrates the modern-day, multi-faceted woman through a contemporary rendition of classic designs – all in lightweight jewellery.

Aukera presents a collection of lightweight necklaces with matching earrings. Designed to accentuate feminine grace. The pieces are contemporary renditions of age-old classical forms. Using the highest grade of grown diamonds, set in 18K gold.

Aukera’s Karva Chauth range includes:

Floral Exotica – symmetrical motifs crafted to perfection with the purest diamonds, set in 18K gold

Dance of Reflections – contemporary and delicate. Feminine and unusual. The purest grown diamonds set in 18K gold

The Eternal Promise Ring, is the perfect choice to commemorate the everlasting bond of love.

Treasure a lifelong bond this Karva Chauth by embracing eco-conscious gifting with Aukera’s IGI-certified grown diamond jewellery with buy-back options, ensuring that this momentous day remains memorable and environment-friendly.

Aukera is on Dickenson Road, Bangalore

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