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~ highlights the overlooked roles of the modern day father ~

June 17th 2023, Mumbai, India:

India’s leading conglomerate Godrej Group today announces the launch of its thought-provoking Father’s Day campaign – #PerfectForDadRecipe – with a heart-warming recipe that pays an ode to Fathers across the world. #PerfectForDadRecipe celebrates the inclusivity in new age parenting while highlighting a father’s invaluable contributions in the kitchen, breaking bias’s and challenging stereotypes associated with parenting roles . With the integration of Godrej products, the campaign showcases an exclusive Father’s Day dish, ‘The Misunderstood DadPlatter’.

Emphasizing that fathers are just as capable as mothers with regards to household chores and parenting responsibilities, #PerfectforDadRecipe urges consumers to look beyond traditional gender roles through an emotional and inspiring campaign. Conceptualized and executed by the Godrej Group’s Corporate Brand and Communications team along with Creativeland Asia, #PerfectforDadRecipe aims to address the often overlooked role of fathers in nurturing their children and creating a loving home environment. The campaign showcases a father preparing a dish along with Godrej products and a whole lot of emotion and society sentiment that often dictate the role of a father.

Speaking on launching a thought-provoking campaign, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Group, said, “We believe that it’s time to break free from stereotypes that confine parenting roles. Our #PerfectforDadRecipe campaign showcases the realities of today’s fathers, the incredible dedication towards their kids and families and the duties they take up at home, beyond being breadwinners. We hope to inspire our consumers and encourage them to embrace a more inclusive definition of parenting, where gender does not dictate capabilities or passion.”

“After our #PerfectForMom Recipes campaign that sought to shut biases against working mothers on Mother’s Day, we wanted to continue the same trend for Father’s Day. It turns out that dads face societal biases too, and #PerfectforDadRecipe on Father’s Day seemed like the perfect campaign idea”, added Anu Joseph, Co-Founder and Creative Vice-Chairman, Creativeland Asia.

Godrej Group’s #PerfectForDadRecipe campaign is live on digital and social media platforms.

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