Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

18th May, Mumbai/Kochi: Geojit Financial Services, a leading investment services company, has announced the launch of its latest mobile trading platform, FLIP. The platform will replace the existing platform SELFIE, providing investors and traders with a comprehensive and flexible trading experience, backed by a range of advanced features.

FLIP includes advanced order capabilities such as One Cancel Other Order, Bracket Orders, Basket Orders, Option Chain, Option Greeks, Single Click Multi-Leg Orders, and Exit All Positions in Just 1 Click. It also features Portfolio Insights, Technical and Fundamental Research, Stock Analysis Page, Advanced Charting (TradingView), and Dashboard that provides a summary of trades and investments.

“As we continue to innovate and develop new tools and services, we remain dedicated in providing our customers with the best possible trading experience. With FLIP, we are confident that we are taking a major step forward in achieving this goal,” said Jones George, Executive Director of Geojit.

FLIP users will benefit from additional features set to be introduced over the next three months, including Split Order for Options, Roll Over for Futures, and Conditional Orders, Trading from Charts, Events Calendar, Market Overview, and Apply for IPO.

“Geojit has a long-standing commitment to provide our customers with the most advanced and flexible trading platform. The new and improved FLIP platform, with its advanced order capabilities and upgraded features, is designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients and help them achieve their investment goals,” said Dilip Radhakrishnan, Head of Online Customer Experience of Geojit.

Clients can download FLIP, and all existing SELFIE users can upgrade to FLIP from Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. With FLIP, Geojit is taking its mobile trading capabilities to the next level, empowering its clients to invest and trade smarter and more effectively.

The launch of the FLIP platform represents a significant milestone for Geojit, further cementing its position as a leading provider of investment solutions in the industry.

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