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HR Conclave with the theme

Hyderabad, May 8, 2023.…. One of the biggest challenges and opportunities in corporations is to grow leadership beyond leaders said Prabir Jha, a Civil Servant turned India’s one of the top HR Professionals. Delivering a keynote address on “Enabling Organisational Effectiveness Today” at the HR Conclave organised by FTCCI (Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry) in the city at Hotel Park Hyatt Prabhir Jha said you can not solve pediatric problems with geriatric solutions. The new-age problems need new-age solutions. If the purpose of people doesn’t match the purpose of the business in the organization, how do you connect? The salaried job people when they get paid in dollars obviously, jump. It is very important to build a culture of collaboration.

Building effective alignment is very important. He talked about change, structure, cultural innovation, leadership etc. Policies no doubt are important. But they should not be mere guidelines. They should be about enablement. Private organisations shouldn’t work like government institutions. Bureaucracy in fact is a killer. Innovation is key to organizational effectiveness. Innovation only comes when you are willing to disrupt your old practices. Power distance is a problem in most organizations for innovation. Talk of innovation should go beyond products, services, business, supply chain, and HR/ Finance models. We should include innovations within ourselves. How much do we innovate in ourselves, our mindsets and our leadership styles? Without that there is no true breakthrough, he said.

Speaking about culture as one of the key elements of organizational effectiveness, he asked is your culture enabling your effectiveness? Culture doesn’t have to be handcuffed. It is an industry norm that the misfit in the culture is not hired. But, that shouldn’t be the case. We need people who think differently. And that is how you will ensure diversity. If you want to transform the company start with people’s agenda he told.

The problem with most of us is we just think the way we always thought. We must hire people better than us. You must hire more intelligent and smarter than you.

Dysfunctional leadership teams easily wreck the best strategic aspirations. Individuals may be great but collectively they fail. Imagine the cost of having such a team at the top! Unimaginable? Intervene before it is too late, he told.

Prabhir Jha gave 8 leadership commandments for Organisational Effectiveness such as 01. Stay genuine and authentic, 02. Challenge Conventional Wisdom; 03. Keep the flock together, 04. Construct meaningful jobs, 05. Build empathy and connect 06. Bring in inspiration, inclusion and innovation, 07. Upgrade your culture and 08. Grow leadership beyond leaders.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri R. Chandra Shekaram Joint Commissioner of Labour Govt of Telangana said the meaning of industrial relation is changed drastically over the period of time. Today all the stakeholders expect relations to be balanced, mutually respectable and trustworthy. The companies which contribute by way of taxes and a partner in the growth story of the government command respect. The Governments encourage industries. Then only the region can prosper. The human element must be given importance in this relationship he said.

Giving a welcome address Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI said the theme of the conclave “Empowering organizational effectiveness covering People Management, High Performance, Industrial Relations and Effective Future Leaders” is apt and relevant to the current context as we are working towards achieving $5 trillion economy target by FY 2026 and 2027. But the way things are, I have a feeling that we may cross that milestone even earlier. Recently I was in Chennai and astonished to know that the state of Tamil Nadu put its target as 1 trillion and if all the states compete for economic growth with each other we can easily achieve even 10 trillion. HR is a very important function. It is the backbone of our economy. All organizations must have strong HR functions. HR can play a significant role by creating a culture of empowerment, he said.

HR is no longer merely an administrative job. It is much more. There is strong HR backing behind every successful company. If any company wants to grow, it must put HR in the forefront, said R. Ravi Kumar, Chairman of the HR & IR(Human Resources and Industrial Relations) Committee of FTCCI.

The other speakers of the day-long conference include Mr F Israel Inbaraj, Head-HR Compliance, Adani Group, Ahmadabad. He spoke on Achieving Organizational Effectiveness through sound Industrial Relations. He said there are no laws to protect productivity. But how do you ensure productivity? It can only happen through organisational effectiveness through sound Industrial relations.

;Sri Rajorshi Ganguli, President and Global HR Head, Alkem Laboratories Ltd, Mumbai spoke on Nurturing Future Leaders. Sri Mohan R. Sharma Managing Partner, Thought Leaders Academy, Hyderabad spoke on Coaching for High Performance and Mr Arun Leslie George Executive Vice President & Head of Retail Business, Coromandel International Ltd, Hyderabad talked about People Management for Business Development

A panel discussion on Innovation and Digital Transformation in Industry. The panelists were Sri B S Murthy Director, IIT Hyderabad and Mr Saravana Janardhanan, Director of Plant Operations, Schneider Electric India Pvt ltd.

In a changed work environment, leadership serves a variety of purposes in ensuring the smooth operation of an organization. Effective people management practices help in empowering employees, enhance their skills and abilities, maintain a positive work environment, facilitate collaboration and teamwork, foster employee engagement and retention and drive optimal performance observed the speakers.

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