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Hyderabad, 27th February 2023: Oakridge International School, Bachupally is proud to recognize its students as future leaders for their exceptional achievements on the national and global stage. These talented students have demonstrated excellence in various fields, including academics, arts, and community service. Due to their outstanding academic achievements and potential for future success, these Oakridgers from Grade 12 have now made it to some of the most prestigious universities around the world.

In addition, Oakridge like Ananya Jain (grade 12 student) have also excelled at the national level in JEE mains. She secured an impressive 95 percentile in JEE Mains while also serving as the Academic Head of her school and a member of the prefect council. She credits her success to the constant support of her teachers and the Oakridge community, which has made her journey to college admission a much easier one.

Dwihitha, another Oakridge student, is a talented artist, an accomplished MUN and UNICEF volunteer, and a born leader. Her skills and passion for change have earned her honorable mentions and outstanding delegate awards at MUN events, and her volunteering at UNICEF inspired her to pursue a career in law. With numerous dance competition wins and even a throwball tournament victory under her belt, Dwihitha credits her success to the incredible support of her school, teachers, and parents.

Dwihitha University Offers: The University of Manchester | University of Leeds

“My journey to becoming who I am today started at Oakridge, 7 years ago. The school encouraged my ambitions from 6th grade,” says Simran, an avid debater, TEDx speaker, and community service provider. She had offers from various universities with scholarships ranging from 28000 USD/year. With her passion for international relations and dedication, she makes a difference. She thanks Oakridge for encouraging her ambitions from a young age, allowing her to become the Perfect Head in the 12th grade.

Simran University Offers: University of San Francisco | Ohio University | University of Texas | Drake University | Bryant University | U Mass Amherst

Vaishnavi, with her passion for public speaking and debate, has been a natural leader since her primary years. She recently served as the event organizer for TEDx Oakridge Bachupally and has been a part of the MUN circuit and a UNICEF ambassador for over half a decade. Her segment head, Ms.Navneet, says, “Ms. Vaishnavi is a student with a flamboyant personality who, from a very young age, had a deep passion for experimenting with new endeavors.”

Vaishnavi University Offers: the University of Illinois Chicago | The University of Arizona | Indiana University Bloomington | University of Massachusetts Boston | The Ohio State University |Northeastern University

With offers from prestigious universities around the world, these students are ready to take on the world and make a difference.


Celebrating the student’s success, Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal at Oakridge Bachupally, says, “Proud to see our students recognized and placed at top universities, these students are a shining example of an Oakridger who embodies our mission to inspire and equip the next generation for the future.”

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