Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

(L)Amit Dhawan- Founder & CEO- Corefield Technologies, (M)Sandeep Singh_Co-founder & CBO-FieldWeb (R) Shashank Tiwari_Head of Growth_FieldWeb

17th August 2023, India – FieldWeb, by Corefield Technologies, announced that they are targeting a total turnover of 2 million dollars in ARR by the end of 2024 and expecting a growth of 200% in their annual revenue by the end of 2025. The Field Services Management application has become a one-stop solution for all small and medium-sized field business owners and has partnered with over 10,000+ SMBs/MSMEs and 50,000+ field workforce in a short span of one year.

Several business owners and fieldworkers are using the FieldWeb app while creating 1,000+ tasks every day. The high engagement has overcome the 40% loss that the business owners had to bear owing to manual operations, resulting in a 39% decrease in customer churn rate, a 43% rise in worker productivity, and more than a 33% increase in overall revenue.

The company aims to digitise 1 million SMBs and MSMEs in the field services industry in the next 2 years.

FieldWeb, a pioneer in the concept of building a 360-degree ecosystem for the field services industry, is helping business owners manage various business activities from a single app, like hiring staff, generating leads, managing staff and customers, buying or selling inventory, or even getting finance for their business. With its customer-centric approach and strong research arm, the field services management application is empowering all small and medium business owners by maximising their income growth, fieldworker productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall business stability.

Amit Dhawan, Founder and Director at FieldWeb, commented, “I feel extremely thrilled and excited for our journey ahead as we at FieldWeb constantly thrive to bring in the best-in-class innovation that truly benefits small and medium businesses of today.”

Rooting our alignment with the Government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, we lay strong emphasis on our product innovation and customer-centricity, which lie at the heart of our growth trajectory. We are focused on bringing in the best-in-segment products/services that are well researched, designed, originated in India, and made for the world,” he added.

Sandeep Singh, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, FieldWeb commented, “We are extremely excited about the growth opportunities ahead and look forward to supporting more businesses on their digital transformation journey with FieldWeb. We at FieldWeb work diligently to provide SMBs with strong customer support along with a value-priced and easy-to-use application with multilanguage support available for all mobiles and that works well on low network configurations.”

Shashank Tiwari, Head of Growth, FieldWeb stated, “Focused on achieving 10X growth in the next few years, we continue to strengthen FieldWeb’s position as a one-stop solution for field service businesses. FieldWeb India’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ strategies align with its operational excellence, expanded client-servicing capabilities, and strengthened after-sales service network to bring the best-in-class products and services to our customers in the field service industry.”

With an increase in clientele, FieldWeb plans to set up more offices in India and in the Gulf markets as well.

Furthermore, the company has robust expansion plans to capture the USA, Canada, the UK, and Southeast Asia markets and support businesses in their digital transformation. Currently, the application is being extensively used in the Indian and Gulf markets.

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