Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Gururgram 14th June, 2023: Escrowpay, India’s first digital escrow platform, has announced its collaboration with Eqaro Guarantees, a technology-led Financial Guarantees company in India. The agreement signed between the two companies both unique first models and pioneers within their respective categories will unlock growth opportunities for MSME’s and emerging businesses and help create an integrated trust ecosystem across multiple use cases.

Through this partnership, Escrowpay will offer its digital escrow solutions to seamlessly protect collections and payments of NBFC’s and MSME’s within the Eqaro ecosystem. On the other hand, Eqaro will offer its robust technology led underwriting capabilities to offer financial guarantees to MSME’s and emerging businesses within the Escrowpay ecosystem.

The partnership is a marriage of strengths and symbolic of the shared vision of both organizations to enable MSME’s and emerging businesses grow worry and anxiety free, focusing on their core while leaving the rest to enabling partners like Escrowpay and Eqaro.

Subhrangshu Neogi, Executive Director & Co-Founder Escrowpay, said, “We are really pleased to formalize this partnership with Eqaro. As we continue to help MSME’s efficiently manage their collections and payments, the complementary nature of financial guarantees from Eqaro will help them with access to new growth opportunities across a variety of business use cases. The combined, bundled and complementary nature of our offerings will help these businesses focus on their core areas of growth, optimization of cash flows and access to new avenues of growth capital.”

Vikash Khandelwal Founder & CEO Eqaro Guarantees, said,“Our partnership with Escrowpay is a crucial step towards ensuring a secure and successful future for MSMEs and emerging businesses in India’s diverse and evolving business landscape. Escrowpay and Eqaro will work together to provide improved cashflows, increased efficiency, and bring transparency to the ecosystem, eliminating fraud and reducing risk. We look forward to the partnership, and are excited to create a new benchmark for how business is done in the country.”

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