EO Gurgaon Announces New Leadership and Vision for 2023-2024

New Delhi (INDIA); 31st May 2023: Entrepreneurs’ Organization exuberant chapter EO Gurgaon hosted Gala Night to announce its new leadership and vision for the forthcoming term of 2023-2024 in a glitzy event.

Mr. Vipul Jain
Mr. Vipul Jain, President, EO Gurgaon

Mr. Vipul Jain, who has been elected as the new president of the chapter announced “Learn. Act. Inspire” as the new theme, which will be centered around upskilling of the members.

The event started with the preceding president – Mr. Nimish Arora’s address to the members that reflected on the previous term’s theme – “360 degrees”. The previous year’s theme focused on holistic development through business growth, family & relationships, personal growth, and passion & interests. Through a reminiscing video, Mr. Arora outlined the events and activities which took place throughout the year, like family forums, Parent-Child Retreat, EO Rise, GSEA, Chapter Level Forum Workshop, and seminars with spiritual guru Danda Pani, author Jack Daly, Clinical Professor Kavil Ramachandra, and other influential personalities. He also reflected on various reports such as receipts, expenses, and individual learnings.

Mr. Jain, the new President took over from Nimish and announced the new leadership board which includes Samrat Jain (Membership Chair), Shreevats Jaipuria (Forum Chair), Nupur Goenka (Learning Chair), Gautam Baid (MEC Chair), Karan Mangla (Finance Chair), Alok Aggarwal (Governance Chair), Shyam Aggarwal (Strategic Alliances Chair), Arjun Nijhawan (Family Chair), Mikey Todd (MyEO Chair), Raghav Khosla (Mentorship Chair), and Sukrit Bansal (Marcom Chair). He thanked the current 116 members of the chapter and wrapped up the night with the announcement of the chapter retreat scheduled for April next year.

The new president – Vipul Jain is the founder and CEO of the Advancells Group and was acting in the position of Membership Chair & President-Elect at EO Gurgaon in the preceding term.

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