Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Elista, India’s leading manufacturer of electronics, home appliances, IT & mobile accessories, today announced the launch of new desert coolers. These desert coolers will be available across Gujrat, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Maharashtra. The regions are known for their scorching heat, and Elista has developed these coolers to provide much-needed respite to the consumer at an affordable price point. The company has added two desert coolers – Desert Snow Monk and Aurora Cool. Both these models have one year warranty and have a large water capacity of 90 liters. Both function at 1350 rpm with a heavy-duty motor of 100 watts. The top frame has been made with toughened glass.

Pawan Kumar, CEO of Elista, says, “Elista has been witnessing robust growth in the cooler segment. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Jharkhand are important markets for us, and we are looking to consolidate our position in these key markets. Our desert coolers have been designed keeping in mind the weather conditions and consumer requirements of these regions. These large-capacity desert coolers offer maximum cooling and uniform airflow. We are expanding our presence in key markets and looking forward to gaining a more significant market share in tier 2 and 3 cities.”

Elista’s Desert Snow Monk and Desert Aurora Cool have a large blower and a long air throw of 35 feet. They have mosquito and dust filter nets installed to keep the air fresh and clean. Designed with Indian consumers in mind, these desert coolers are energy efficient and consume only 230 Watts of power. They also have an extra-large honeycomb cooling pad for more cooling.

Jyotsna, Shri Surya Ji Electronics, states, “Elista is one of the trusted names in the Indian consumer electronic space, and we have been its partner from the early days. It has been a rewarding journey so far. 2023 has started on the right note, and we expect a good customer response to this new range of coolers”.

Elista is known for delivering quality products at affordable prices. With its desert cooler range too, the company is offering the best of features, top-notch build quality, and an attractive design. The Desert Snow Monk cooler is available in a White and Grey color combination; while the Desert Aurora Cool is available in a White and Blue color combination. Elista’s new range of desert coolers is available at an affordable price range, starting from Rs 7,899.

Elista has a wide range of personal, window, desert, and tower coolers with various options for consumers. As each of these products has been created with unique insights into customer requirements, the high-efficiency Elista coolers provide a superior cooling experience at an affordable price.

Elista has been clocking in growth owing to its high-quality products and has become synonymous with excellent quality at an affordable price. Right from its inception, Elista’s motto has been to make India for the world. Having established its roots in India, the company is now charting global expansion. It has recently started operations in the UAE market and will branch out to the CIS and MENA regions soon. Elista will also be setting up its manufacturing unit in India this year.

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