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New Delhi, 20th October 2023: NB Ventures, a Dubai-based venture capital firm, has successfully invested in 50+ Startups since its inception in 2016. The firm’s dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration has driven strategic investments with a particular interest in the Fintech, Foodtech, F&B, Retail and Edtech, and sustainability sectors, amplifying the potential of promising start-ups.

Founded by industry veteran Mr Neelesh Bhatnagar, NB Ventures draws upon his extensive three-decade experience and envisions itself as a catalyst, actively contributing to creating a sustainable ecosystem for new-age digital startups across the globe. The firm’s investment thesis is a carefully crafted blend of pragmatism and vision. It carefully analyses scalability, saleability, and possible exit prospects while taking into account the founder’s passion for the business.

NB Ventures

Some of the recent additions to its investment portfolio include Pixxel, Ghost Kitchen, Assidus, Melorra, Otto, Electripe, Cleardekho, Bold Care, Spartan Poker, Power Gummies, Wicked Gud, Clip the Deal, Texub, and many more. Its prominent portfolio companies include Purplle, HealthifyMe, Webengage, Leverage Edu, Pernia’s Popup, Thirdwave, Wrogn Fashion, and GOAT Brand Labs.

The VC firm invests in startups in India and UAE, primarily focusing on India. NB Ventures imparts the necessary guidance, mentorship, and support for any business that demonstrates potential and a market fit for expanding into the Middle East.

Sharing his insights, Mr Neelesh Bhatnagar, CEO of NB Ventures, said, “At NB Ventures, we are committed to identifying and investing in ideas that have the potential to become impactful enterprises of tomorrow. What started as a personal aspiration has now evolved into a trusted name in the world of venture capital. With our experience and expertise in diversity investment, we look forward to connecting with more and more visionary entrepreneurs, closely collaborating to ensure that they achieve what they set out to accomplish”.

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