Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

New Delhi, February 25, 2023: DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations, an end-to-end data solution provider, today announced that it has partnered with Studio Trika to bring together their expertise in drone technology and art to create breathtaking experiences in the sky. With DroneAcharya’s aerial and geospatial solutions, the Indian UAV industry has witnessed a revolution across multiple domains, including agriculture, energy, mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, smart cities, urban planning, and water resources.

DroneAcharya’s latest venture is the use of swarm drones and drone light shows, which are gaining popularity in the entertainment industry. The company’s commitment to innovation has enabled them to provide exceptional services and solutions to its clients, helping them to stand out in its respective domains. Studio Trika is conceptualised by Chandrakanth Rajapure and Vineet Sabharwal in 2009.

The partnership between DroneAcharya and Studio Trika has the potential to create a new genre of entertainment by bringing together the cutting-edge technology of drones and the creativity of art. By leveraging DroneAcharya’s expertise in drone technology and Studio Trika’s artistic capabilities, the partnership aims to provide unique experiences to its customers. Studio Trika has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the drone light show industry, with its recent achievement of being crowned the “Best drone show for the anniversary” on 20th December 2022, at the 3rd International Drone Show Competition. This prestigious competition, initiated by SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Software team, saw participants from 31 countries compete for the right to get to the final and become the winner in one of 5 categories. With 51 finalists, the competition was fierce, and for Studio Trika to be one of the 15 winners selected is a testament to their skill, expertise, and innovative approach to drone light shows. This achievement is expected to further enhance the company’s reputation and attract new clients from around the world.

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