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Bangalore, April 29, 2023: Disney Star has consolidated its dominance by surpassing 40 crore viewers for the live broadcast of the first 29 matches of TATA IPL 2023, recording a growth of 24% in TVR compared to the last edition. The reach garnered for the live broadcast of the first 29 matches is also 3.7 crores higher than the reach of the entire 2022 edition. Disney Star has also received the highest-ever reach across all editions of IPL in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP and MP for the live broadcast of the first 29 matches.

The broadcaster has also witnessed a staggering growth in viewership among kids (2 to 14 years) across all editions of IPL, a big fillip for brands targeting the consumer cohort. In addition, 9.32 Crores kids tuned in to watch the live broadcast of the first 29 games, an increase of 58.7% over the last edition. Over 25 crore premium audiences from NCCS A & NCCS B tuned in to the live broadcast on the Disney Star Network, for the first 29 matches. The reach garnered by these two consumer cohorts is the highest across 15 years of IPL, including the covid years. This achievement showcases the growing popularity of the League and the broadcaster’s ability to engage audiences across age groups with high-quality content.

Sanjog Gupta, Head – of Sports, at Disney Star, said, “IPL on Disney Star continues to register new highs. Competitive matches and strong individual performances powered by Star Sports’ world-class programming, key partnerships, and sustained marketing efforts to recruit audiences have sustained the upward trajectory of viewership. The highest-ever viewership in the Hindi-speaking markets, premium audiences (NCCS A) and Kids’ demographic (2-14 years) shows that our #BetterTogether campaign, seeking to galvanize familial and community viewing, has hit the mark. We are thankful to the millions of fans who have made Disney Star their preferred destination for a seamless and enhanced experience of IPL”.

Disney Star has also achieved the highest-ever reach in Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM). Over 27.3 crore viewers tuned in to watch the live broadcast, marking a historic moment in IPL. Furthermore, Star Sports 1 (Hindi) has also emerged as the number-one channel for the third consecutive week, making it a go-to destination for cricket enthusiasts across the nation. The high-octane match between CSK and RCB was watched by an incredible 5.2 crore concurrent viewers on television, the second highest in the history of IPL.

In addition to the TV viewership records, Disney Star has reached new heights in high-definition (HD) broadcasting. The network achieved the highest-ever HD channel reach, with an incredible 6.6 crore viewers tuning in to the HD broadcast. This number is three times higher compared to last year, demonstrating the growing preference for high-definition sports viewing.

With on-ground experiences like the IPL Trophy Tour, the Fan Bus, #MySocietyStadium, and The Incredible School Quiz (India’s largest-ever school quiz) along with the #AskStar initiative have given fans an opportunity to forge a deeper connection with the marquee tournament and increase the overall engagement for the league. The exclusive association with META Influencers has also paved the way to leverage the power of social media and bring a fresh perspective to the IPL, providing an engaging and interactive experience for the fans.

Disney Star’s fan-centric approach and innovations in broadcasting technology have earned it the plaudits of fans and the broadcaster is focused on providing an unmatched and compelling viewing experience to all who tune in to watch the TATA IPL 2023 on television.

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