Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

DCC Animal Hospital appoints Dr. Prabhakaran Palanichamy as Senior Veterinary ExpertDCC Animal Hospital, a Japanese chain of veterinary hospitals currently present in Delhi NCR, India with four centers, appoints DrPrabhakaran Palanichamy as Senior Veterinary Expert in their esteemed team of professionals. With an illustrious career and a wealth of experience, DrPalanichamy is set to play a pivotal role in enhancing the hospital‘s commitment to providing exceptional care for animals. With a heart for animal welfare, DrPrabhakaran cares for eight dogs at home and tends to the well-being of 40 stray dogs in his vicinity. 

DrPrabhakaran brings a rich background in veterinary medicine, having over 20 years of experience. Graduating with honors in BVSc and completing MVSc in Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics at Madras Veterinary College (TANUVAS), He holds a distinguished postgraduate thesis in Dermatology, specializing in Pododermatitis. His expertise includes spaying, neutering, and general surgery.

His decision was influenced by the opportunity for professional upgradation, and the appeal of working alongside Dr. Vinod Sharma, a renowned name in veterinary, and also currently presiding as Head of Veterinary Services, Director, DCC Animal Hospital, India.

His commitment to animal welfare extends to addressing issues of animal abuse and handling dogs with past traumas and aims to enhance awareness among pet owners, emphasizing preventive measures and proper care processes for pets they adopt, and also for those animals they take care of. Ensuring good health for your pets is a commitment and only once the responsibilities are well understood can the same be ensured dutifully. 

DrPrabhakaran expressed his enthusiasm for joining DCC Animal Hospital, stating, “I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the company’s growth putting to good use my experience of working with animal health and also raising the bar for health services in alignment with DCC’s goal in India. I have started managing the Uday Park branch for DCC and am looking forward to meeting lovely pet parents and working with them for pet health.” through his unique approach to veterinary care.” 

Founder of DCC said, “We are thrilled to welcome DrPrabhakaran to our team. His extensive knowledge, compassion for animals, and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our vision for providing top-notch veterinary services,”

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