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New York, NY, February 07, 2023 —- Fulton Books author Chief Mac Da’ibhidh, a follower of Christ who saw God at a young age, has completed his most recent book, “The American People are The Fourth Branch”: a poignant and faith-based read that explores how Americans were intended to be more involved in their nation’s government than they may believe, as revealed through two short stories of men discovering their fate through seeking out and knowing the Lord.

“There are four branches of American government: executive, legislative, judicial, and the people,” writes Mac Da’ibhidh. “Just as the words ‘check and balances’ do not appear anywhere in the Constitution, the structure for both, checks and balances, and the people, being the fourth branch, are in America’s Constitution. The people have been excluded from America’s government. The fourth branch of government has been cut off. This book contains two books. In one book, a little boy sees God when he is between four to five years old. The boy is not believed. He falls away. Much later in life, the man is called by God to bring God’s pathway toward a reprieve or respite for America. A message of restoration of balance to an unbalanced government. A way toward unification for a dissolving union. The first story is the beginning of the man’s journey. This story is truth.

“Just as the people were cut off from America’s government, Adam and Eve were cast from Eden into earth’s world. The second story begins as a fictional account of the Seventh Patriarch from Adam, who as a boy seeks God around seven hundred years after Adam and Eve were cast from Eden. The story of God’s First Scribe is of divine inspiration derived from Scripture never canonized. Descriptions and even comparisons of this man to Jesus Christ are in several books in the Bible to include Genesis, the books of Hebrews and James. God begins to work the way for man back to Him through Seth, this boy, many prophets and messengers, through Jesus Christ all the way toward the people coming to the rationalization, the realization, and having the awareness that the people are both America’s fourth branch and the fourth branch of heaven.

“The stories combined become a comparison and contrast of two little boys who seek God about five thousand years apart.”

Published by Fulton Books, Chief Mac Da’ibhidh’s book is a profound tale that reveals how the American people have been kept from being an active part of their government. Much like the work required for mankind to return to God after the sins of Adam and Eve, Da’ibhidh provides the ways in which the people can return to being the fourth branch of their government and take back their power to use it for the betterment of America, and repair the wrongs caused by decades of ineptitude and poor leadership.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “The American People are The Fourth Branch” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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