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New Delhi, June 06, 2023: Chargeup, the driver-first company building India’s first Fi-Ne-Tech platform (Finance-Network-Technology Platform) in the EV sector, announces the launch of #ChargeForChange, a year-long campaign directed towards the welfare of drivers and the environment at large. Unveiled on the occasion of World Environment Day, the campaign is an embodiment of Chargeup’s commitment to the welfare of drivers and promoting sustainable mobility across India.

Through #ChargeForChange, Chargeup will underscore the importance of drivers in the transition to sustainable mobility. They are the unsung heroes who unknowingly contribute to a healthier planet every day. The campaign will shed light on their dedication and showcase their role as change warriors.

Mr Varun Goenka

Mr. Varun Goenka, CEO & Co-Founder of Chargeup, stated, ” Our #ChargeForChange campaign is an ode to the unsung heroes in our cities who are unknowingly contributing to a healthier planet. At Chargeup, we are deeply committed to environmental conservation, and we believe it’s time to take our efforts to the next level. We recognize the immense contribution of the drivers to the environment and society as a whole. We are dedicated to their well-being and will strive to empower them throughout this journey. By harnessing the power of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, we drive change, raise awareness, and inspire drivers to be part of something bigger.”

Throughout the year, #ChargeForChange will encompass a series of initiatives that prioritize drivers’ welfare and promote sustainable practices. These initiatives will include:

· Awareness Campaigns: Chargeup will raise awareness about the drivers’ impact on promoting sustainable mobility and highlight the environmental benefits of EVs. Facts and statistics will be shared to educate the public about the positive changes drivers can make.

· EV Adoption Drive: Chargeup will actively encourage people to embrace EVs as a sustainable mode of transportation. The campaign will emphasize the long-term benefits of EV adoption, including reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality.

· Driver Well-being Initiatives: Chargeup recognizes the importance of drivers’ well-being and will launch initiatives to support their physical and mental health. These efforts will include providing access to healthcare services, financial assistance, and educational resources.

· Community Engagement: Chargeup will foster a sense of community among drivers by organizing events and forums where they can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. The campaign will promote a supportive network that empowers drivers and encourages collaboration.

#ChargeForChange represents Chargeup’s holistic approach to sustainable mobility, focusing not only on the environmental benefits but also on the drivers’ welfare. By prioritizing their well-being and raising awareness about their role, Chargeup aims to create a positive impact on both the drivers and the environment.

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