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New Delhi, 22th February 2023: To boost the central government’s ‘Green Growth’ vision in Uttar Pradesh, leading clean energy providers CEF Group has signed an MoU with the government of Uttar Pradesh at Lucknow to establish multiple waste processing plants in various locations in UP. The MoU was signed between the CEF Group and the Governor of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP), Shri Prathamesh Kumar. CEF Group will set up a waste processing plant with an estimated investment of Rs 650 crore in multiple locations, generating employment for approximately 240 people. The plant will address the problem of waste mismanagement and augment bio-fuel production.

Citing the importance of waste processing, Mr. Maninder Singh Nayyar, CEO of CEF Group, said, “Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country which requires adequate waste management solutions, and we are capable of doing it. This agreement will prove beneficial for the entire state in various regards. One, it will help the state to process its waste scientifically. Another, it will boost bio-fuel production in the state, making Uttar Pradesh emerge as a leading advocate of the central government’s ‘Green Growth’ vision. Also, it will foster new employment opportunities for the locals. CEF intends to set up municipal solid waste processing plants on one side. Organic waste processing plants with captively grown Napier grass will also be utilized, bringing stable earnings for farmers. The project will be one of the largest ones of its kind in India.” He added, “This is a direct replacement for chemical fertilizers in commercial farming. Therefore, enabling more scope for sustainable and natural/organic farming on a larger scale. We will be able to produce both biofuels and organic manure resulting in a sustainable environment”.

Under the ongoing Invest UP streak, CEF Group has seized the opportunity to invest in the state this year with a proposed project named Bio-fuels and allied products, in which CEF group will convert municipal solid waste, agricultural, industrial waste like press mud from sugar mills and other organic wastes into bio-fuels and allied products. The projects will come in phases, with construction starting by the end of 2023. Different municipalities of Uttar Pradesh will provide the waste and land. At the same time, the overall set-up of the project with offtake arrangements of the Bio-CNG and organic manure or city compost will be processed scientifically in the CEF waste processing plant. Moreover, it will protect the environment in various ways, such as lesser pollution and reduced carbon and GHG emissions.

“Invest UP 2023 is aimed at transforming Uttar Pradesh, supporting growth projects and initiatives for the betterment of people in UP. The CEF Group is doing a commendable job promoting sustainability via biofuel, thereby supporting planet earth. Converting solid waste, agricultural waste, and other organic wastes into biofuels are some profound areas that Mr. Maninder Singh Nayyar and his team have dedicatedly worked on. Our Union Finance Minister, in the 2023-24 budget session, has made a special announcement to focus on the energy transition. Green growth is the future; hence, the budget provides 35,000 Crore to prioritize capital investments toward energy security. Let’s hope for a better future.” Said UP Govt, official spokesperson.

While stepping up the green energy revolution in Uttar Pradesh, the CEF Group is also increasing the scope of organic farming as a bi-product solid digestate is produced in the process of converting wastes into biofuels which can be converted into high-quality organic manure with CEF’s specialized process and technology. NAFED is the marketing partner for the agri-inputs products manufactured by CEF.

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