Casiotone Mini ‘No Screen Summer’ Campaign by CASIO India

India, 10th May 2023: Casio India, the leading musical instruments company has launched its latest campaign, ‘No Screen Summer’, to motivate parents to explore alternative activities for their children during the summer holidays that don’t involve screens.

Casiotone Mini

Increased screen time has been a growing concern among parents, especially since the pandemic started in 2020. To address this problem and create excitement and anticipation for the campaign, Casio India has launched a social media campaign showcasing the benefits of learning music and how it can help children develop creativity and cognitive skills. The brand has released teaser visuals designed to pique the interest of parents and encourage them to explore the idea of picking up a Casiotone Mini keyboard for their children under the age of ten years. This is followed by communication around the key campaign, emphasizing the role of music learning from an early age via creative storytelling.

To reach a wider audience, the brand plans to collaborate with mother influencers on social media platforms. They will promote the campaign and create engaging content showcasing the features and benefits of the Casiotone Mini keyboard. The sustenance phase of the campaign will involve maintaining engagement with the audience and emphasizing the benefits of learning music.

Commenting on the campaign, Kota Obayashi, Business Head (Music and Education), Casio India, said,

Casiotone Mini

“As a brand that is dedicated to prioritizing the needs and desires of our consumers, we have consistently ensured that our product offerings provide meaningful value to their lives. Learning a musical instrument like a keyboard and playing it from an early age builds self-confidence, and enhances cognitive skills of kids. We have developed the ‘No Screen Summer’ campaign for Casiotone Mini keyboards, with a specific focus on targeting mothers of children under the age of ten years. This campaign highlights the adverse effects of excessive screen time on children and amplifies the numerous benefits of engaging in music as a healthy and enjoyable alternative.”

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