Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Budget Quote from Srinivasan Viswanathan, Chief Executive Officer of Vibrant Energy“We applaud  the government’s budget announcement for its strong commitment to sustainable and green initiatives. The focus on providing free electricity to one crore households through rooftop solarization is a commendable step towards ensuring energy security and reducing environmental impact. This initiative, aligned with Vibrant Energy’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices, serves as a model for responsible development. It delivers a dual benefit by alleviating financial burdens on households and fostering cleaner energy sources.

The budget’s strategic allocation of Viability Gap Funding for 1GW offshore wind energy is a critical support required to bolster the renewable energy footprint in the country. Other initiatives to support the electric vehicle ecosystem and the promotion of bio-manufacturing are welcome initiatives for achieving net-zero targets. These steps not only contribute to a greener and more resource-efficient economy, but they also generate considerable economic possibilities, including entrepreneurship in EV infrastructure and employment for youth with technology skills. Vibrant Energy looks forward to actively participating in these initiatives, contributing to India’s journey towards a cleaner and more resilient future.”

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