Benchmark Gensuite Integrates European Sustainability Reporting Standard within CSRD Framework

India, Bengaluru, October 19, 2023- Benchmark Gensuite, provider of the industry-leading platform of digital Environmental Health and safety and sustainability solutions, is thrilled to announce the seamless integration of the European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS) into its award-winning sustainability platform.

This integration, built into the platform’s Disclosure Director module, was showcased in a virtual event on October 12th, as a follow-up to the product launch event on September 26th in Cambridge, UK. This successful global event featured over 100 attendees, representing companies throughout Europe, North America, and Latin America, and will be followed up by two more upcoming virtual events in November and December.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), driven by the European Union, represents a groundbreaking shift in sustainability reporting by establishing rigorous standards that promote transparency and accountability in corporate reporting. With reporting obligations imminent, businesses worldwide are preparing for the inaugural reporting period, mandated for many in 2025 based on 2024 performance.

The integration of ESRS into the Benchmark Gensuite sustainability platform equips subscribers with the necessary tools to efficiently manage the substantial data management demands of CSRD and extract genuine business value from their sustainability reporting efforts.

This integration builds upon Benchmark Gensuite’s existing array of embedded frameworks, such as GRI, CDP, SASB, BRSR, and TCFD, while also offering customizable framework options, positioning Benchmark Gensuite as the most comprehensive corporate sustainability reporting capability available in the market today.

Key capabilities provided by the integration of ESRS into the Benchmark Gensuite platform include:

Automated Workflow: The platform streamlines the complexity of ESRS into an automated workflow, defining materiality, assigning dates and responsibilities, and monitoring data collection progress for complete oversight and control of the reporting process.

Data Quality Assurance: Data controls ensure data quality, providing the investment-grade quality and audit trail required by the CSRD

Applicability Sorting: Companies can easily determine and assign materiality based on ESRS clauses that state companies “can,” “may,” or “should” report on topics, ensuring data is collected only where relevant

Workflow Dashboards: Program managers gain instant oversight on data collection progress and can follow up on lagging or overdue data

Organizational Modeling: The detailed organizational model matches reporting obligations to site operational profiles, ensuring that each part of the business reports only on topics material to their activities

Reporting Templates: Built-in ESRS reporting templates allow the generation of reporting output at the push of a button, simplifying corporate reporting and export to other stakeholders.

Benchmark Gensuite’s focus on addressing ESRS requirements head-on ensures that companies have a practical and effective tool to meet their reporting obligations, delivering tangible business benefits in terms of improved transparency, reliability, and accountability. The ESRS framework is already live and operational within the Disclosure Director, actively being used by some of Benchmark Gensuite’s leading subscribers.

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