Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

1st march 2023 Guwahati: Automovill, a Bengaluru-based Full-Stack Mobility solution provider, has announced aggressive plans to facilitate service to 1 lakh vehicles by the end of this fiscal year.The automotive brand has already delivered service to over 2 lakh vehicles to date. 53K customers had their needs met by Automovill between April 2021 and March 2022, and more than 60K vehicles have been serviced since April 2022 till NOV-22. Currently, the Automovill service network spans 20 major Indian cities and comprises of 500 workshops, 8 franchise workshops, 70 hubs, and rest spokes.

Automovill is a one-of-a-kind platform for aggregating automobile service providers, connecting vehicle owners with all kinds of automobile service providers under one roof. The unified platform enables users to book the service they require, and Automovill handles the request with the closest or most appropriate service provider in a hassle-free and intelligent manner.

MriduMahendra Das, Co-Founder & CEO of Automovill in a statement said, “At Automovill, we understand how essential it is for any business to achieve its strategicgoals. Creating value for customers, employees, and investors and judiciously passing on all set parameters is the primary driver that has been cruising our success story forward.”

“Since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a trend of people favouring personal cars over public transportation, which directly increased the requirement for automobile Services. At Automovill, we have been developing applications and solutions to become increasingly recognized as a preferred choice of customers looking for reliable services that save their time as well as money. We are also on a mission to develop futuristic automobile solutions that can encourage innovation and growth in the industry as a whole” Mridu added.

Operating under a hybrid and adaptable business model has enabled Automovill to become a well-known household name and one of India’s fastest-growing after-sales service companies. With its B2B and B2C revenue streams, Automotive plans to accelerate its revenue and growth momentum in the coming years as well. Simultaneously, the brand is developing a comprehensive platform for its technicians to maximize their learning and earning prospects. To add value to customers and streamline the auto after-service and maintenance sector, the brand also regularly updates its technology offerings.

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