Sat. May 25th, 2024

New Delhi, 31st October: The Design Studio, the country’s leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Chandigarh is announcing today it has rebranded itself as Arete Design Studio. The studio is renowned for its green urban planners for their outstanding efforts to protect the environment and set new standards for beautiful, top-notch architectural design in India. The Aréte Design Studio is working currently on projects across 6 Indian states and 2 international projects in Australia and New Zealand.

They incorporate international trends into the Indian architectural journey and already have completed a 6.5 lakh square foot township, together with over 20 commercial buildings, seven educational institutions, nine resorts, and over 10,000 families who have moved into their dream homes. Currently, the firm has 50+ young professionals working together and has received recognition from the Ministry of Government India.

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Ar. Tripat Girdhar, Founder and Principal Architect of Arete Design Studio, shed light on the announcement “We at Arete Design Studio believe that our sustainable innovative design ideas will help us to grow not in India but globally and demand will rise to seek more sustainable projects in the future. This rebranding is a stepping stone in our mission to fill the innovation gap in the Architecture and Design Industry and realize ourselves as what we truly are, Innovators”

Since its inception, the studio a bootstrapped firm has 13+ years of experience with young and dynamic masterminds who create this journey that makes them successful in this masterpiece art and design. The Aréte Design Studio looks forward to treating every future project that comes their way as an opportunity to perform and deliver a message to lead our country for a better tomorrow.

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