Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

New Delhi, 16th November 2023: Arahas (Arahas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) and Quakelogic (CA-based), proudly announce the launch of a revolutionary Structural Health Monitoring and Early Warning System designed to enhance resilience in earthquake-prone regions of the Indian Subcontinent.

This cutting-edge technology aims to significantly mitigate the impact of seismic events by providing real-time monitoring and early warning capabilities, offering unprecedented levels of preparedness for communities and infrastructure in high-risk areas. The salient feature of solutions are,

· State-of-the-art IoT platform that continuously monitor structural health parameters in real-time.

· Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics, our technology can predict potential vulnerabilities and assess the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure.

· In the event of seismic activity, our system triggers an instant early warning, allowing residents, businesses, and emergency services to take prompt actions to minimize damage and ensure public safety.

· The technology comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface accessible via web and mobile platforms, ensuring that relevant stakeholders can access critical information seamlessly.

· Arahas’s solution is scalable and adaptable to various types of structures, making it an ideal choice for both new constructions and retrofitting existing buildings.

Saurabh Rai, CEO Arahas, our commitment to innovation and safety is evident in the development of this groundbreaking technology. With the launch of our Structural Health Monitoring and Early Warning System, we are proud to contribute to the resilience and safety of communities in earthquake-prone regions of the Indian Subcontinent.

Dr. Erol Kalkan, CEO Quakelogic, the damage from major earthquakes can be minimized by conducting a structural health audit in vulnerable areas and identifying structures that would cause particular risk. Such an audit would apply technical algorithms developed by us will help locating structural weaknesses. Corrective action could then be taken to minimize the failure of these structures in the event of a seismic event.

Arahas, is on its mission to provide intelligent solutions using modern software technologies, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation to create sustainability solutions that positively impact communities and industries worldwide.

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