ALTAIR Unveils Rendezvous: A Progressive Modern Indian Culinary Odyssey

Kolkata: ALTAIR, the city’s magnificent hotel known for its unparalleled design sophistication, is unveiling a refreshed aesthetic and an entirely new interpretation of Rendezvous, featuring Progressive Modern Indian Cuisine. Rendezvous, embraces innovation, creativity, and experimentation while staying rooted in the rich culinary traditions of the country.

Rendezvous is all set to enchant guests through a unique, unparalleled, and ever-evolving dining adventure, all rooted in the progressive realm of Indian cuisine. By delving into fresh and cutting-edge culinary methods, Rendezvous shatters the preconceived notions often linked with Indian gastronomy. Fusion is an artful symphony of global culinary traditions, crafting visually stunning dishes firmly rooted in Indian flavors within the hallowed halls of Rendezvous.

Shakahari Haleem

From the warm embrace of the leather chairs to the captivating views, the space creates an atmosphere that bridges tradition and modernity. Rendezvous is where ‘Timeless Charm’ meets contemporary elegance, promising a memorable experience for all who grace its doors. The polished wooden floors evoke stories of enduring grace, while the intricately carved wooden wall panels weave a tapestry of artisanal mastery. Rendezvous endeavors to envelop its guests in a welcoming and comforting atmosphere, evoking a captivating essence of heritage and artisanal craftsmanship

Rendezvous aims to present a contemporary interpretation of Indian cuisine by infusing traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients with global inspirations. The culinary team is dedicated to delivering a dining experience that embodies the farm-to-fork philosophy with lasting impressions.

Rendezvous - Interior (2)

The Progressive Indian menu boasts an array of tantalizing small and large plates of veg and non-veg dishes, including inventive dishes like “Chana Hummus – Nitro Bhel”, innovative “Rendezvous Dabeli – Pulled Jackfruit, Sweet Potato, Pomegranate”, “Kheema Bhatura Chaat (Malvani Style Ground Lamb, Chutneys, Crispy Potatoes, Onions, Sev)”, “Thambi Chicken Molecule (Anar Foam)” with a unique and intriguing twist, ” Chicken Fajita Thepla Taco (Mint Cream)”, “Calabrian Pork Belly Kulcha (Gondura Masala, Udipi Thoran Slaw)” boasting a harmonious blend of spices, “Desi Shakari Haleem (Multi Grains, Sourced Cows Ghee), “Zuppa De Pesca (Seafood Stew, Chennai Parotta)” “Bombay Botanist Club”, “Vango green, all green, basil pesto pizza”, “Saag Nargis”, “Rajwada kofta, cheese kadi,” to name a few. To round off the meal, the dessert selection features delights such as “Coconut Payasam Kulfi Cones (Chocolate Pops)”, and “Rendezvous Tiramisu” amongst many others.

Commenting on the unveiling of Rendezvous Mr. Nitin Kohli, CEO and whole-time director of AmbujaNeotia Group said, “Rendezvous represents a culinary masterpiece featuring Progressive Modern Indian cuisine. It reflects our dedication to innovation and creativity while paying homage to our deep culinary heritage. With its fusion of tradition and contemporary elements, Rendezvous is the place where timeless charm meets contemporary elegance, promising an enduring and unforgettable dining experience.”

Join us at Rendezvous for an ever-evolving culinary exploration that reimagines Indian cuisine, blending tradition and innovation into an indelible dining adventure. Rendezvous cherishes the timeless classics, those beloved favorites that have stood the test of time, ensuring each visit is a truly cherished experience for the patrons.

Venue: Rendezvous, ALTAIR

For Reservations: +91 33 7101 7101

Time: 12.00 PM-12.00 AM

Address: 20th Floor, Ambuja Neotia Eco Centre, EM Block, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091

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