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New Delhi, 14th Feb 2023: Leading AI-enabled one-stop solution provider for school education, Zamit got the opportunity to present its services at the first conference of the Boarding Schools’ Association of India (BSAI). The Boarding Schools Associations of India is a pioneer body that supports, represents, and advances the goals of India’s fully residential, private, and unaided boarding schools. The conference was held at Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun.

“We are delighted that BSAI gave us the platform to showcase our innovative AI ideas to the heads of prestigious boarding schools in India. The facilitators from Zamit and its partner Qualification and Assessment, UK, demonstrated various services for teachers, students, schools, and parents, including the 360-degree holistic report card, ZQ for students, and teacher professional development opportunities. Our presentation was well-received by the community, which encourages us to keep thriving in AI. The conference was empowering as we got valuable input on the needs of the teaching fraternity. We look forward to meeting the market demands to aid in the delivery of quality education,” said Mr. Aarul Malaviya, Founder & Director of Zamit.

Mr. Manpreet Singh Badal, former finance minister of Punjab and alumnus of the Doon School, Dehradun, was the conference’s chief guest. The forum was attended by over twenty-five eminent educationists, principals and senior teachers of premier boarding schools in India, including The Doon School, Welham Girls’ School, Welham Boys’ School, Hopetown Girls’ School, and Mayo College.

In line with the government’s initiative Make AI in India, Zamit is playing a pivoted role in delivering advanced AI-driven solutions to enhance education quality worldwide. It believes in creating future-ready solutions for students and teachers on the global stage. Its visionary approach led to the creation of Zamit Quotient, the world’s first AI-enabled measurable future readiness indexing system. Besides, its 360-degree holistic report card provides individualized support plans for students based on their academic progress and skill level.

The facilitators, principals, and heads of the participating schools as well as eminent educationalists and academic advisers, had the chance to interact with our team over lunch and discuss ideas and opportunities to establish a cooperative partnership between schools and Zamit.

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