Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront, many brands are taking significant steps to adopt sustainable practices. These brands are taking initiatives and working towards reducing their carbon footprint, conserving resources, and promoting ethical practices. In this article, we will explore brands that are leading the way in sustainable initiatives, setting a positive example for others to follow.

1. Ecofy

Ecofy is a pioneering NBFC created to finance India’s green transition. Promoted by Eversource Capital, Ecofy’s vision is to be a catalyst in accelerating the transition toward a net zero-carbon world. It partners with individuals and small businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint and restore balance to the planet. Ecofy offers loans for EV, rooftop solar, and small-medium enterprises providing E2E digital experience.

2. is an open, digital platform for sustainable agriculture globally. At, our mission is to make agriculture simple, profitable and sustainable for generations to come. offers complete integrated solutions to secure sustainable outcomes.’s ecosystem reaches across the food system, expanding choice – making access transparent, affordable, and fast for all.

3. Aretto
At Aretto, we aim to reduce waste not only by reducing consumption with 3x growth in 1 shoe, but the manufacturing process for our uppers is also such, that it limits the waste produced. Our 3D knitting technology allows for a single machine to produce a complete shoe upper that can be directly connected to the shoe, resulting in less waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods. This, combined with our efforts to reduce consumption, allows us to minimise our environmental impact.

4. Locus

Locus, a cutting-edge technology company, is making significant strides in promoting sustainability through its innovative solutions. By focusing on optimizing logistics operations, it helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint, enhance efficiency, and foster a more sustainable supply chain. Through its advanced technology and commitment to sustainability, the company is playing a pivotal role in transforming the logistics industry. By promoting efficient resource utilization, reducing carbon emissions, and enabling data-driven decision-making, Locus is paving the way towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for logistics and supply chain management

5. TCI

Transport Corporation of India Ltd. is India’s leading integrated multimodal logistics and supply chain solutions provider working hard towards maintaining ESG goals across the industry. The company recently launched a Supply Chain Sustainability Lab in collaboration with IIM-Bangalore at their campus, with a focus on supply chain management. The TCI-IIMB SCSL is a one-of-its-kind centre of excellence in sustainable supply chain practices, dissemination and advocacy. Apart from the lab, TCI’s Safe Safar events across the country, aims to spread awareness about road safety and sustainability norms.

These brands serve as inspiring examples of sustainability in action. Through their commitment to ethical practices, resource conservation, and environmental responsibility, they are making India’s future sustainable and redefining sustainability.

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