Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

HONG KONG, June 11, 2024– The first-ever “IOT Data Hackathon” organised by GS1 Hong Kong (GS1HK) had concluded successfully. 8 teams from both the student and professional categories had outdone more than 80 teams of candidates and won a total of 10 awards. They had demonstrated innovative uses of IoT technologies and outstanding creativity to develop impactful solutions addressing real-world business challenges under the themes of “Smart Cities” and “Smart Supply Chains”, helping to shape a more sustainable future. Their novel ideas and innovations are briefly illustrated below, or visit the award booklet for details:

Professional Category Award-Winning Projects

The championship went to TriTerra Technology Limited’s Car Park Load Shifting Charging System. They developed a smart load-shifting charging system that optimizes energy management for electric vehicle charging in car parks through dynamic load management and time-of-use charging strategies. The system adjusts charging power in real-time to prevent grid overload and determines the optimal charging times based on electricity prices, reducing charging costs.

The 1st runner-up and Smart IOT Solutions Award for EV Charging (professional group) were Reunion’s Smart Plug. They developed a smart plug that enables intelligent management of home appliances through IoT technology, providing remote control and power monitoring functionalities. The plug also features overload and short-circuit protection to ensure electrical safety.

The 2nd runner-up was DevAdventurers’s All-In-One Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Platform. They proposed an all-in-one monitoring and predictive maintenance platform that monitors equipment status in real-time to detect potential issues early. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, they predict equipment failures in advance, reducing downtime and enhancing equipment management efficiency.

Student Category Award-Winning Projects

The championship went to CHML’s Renovation of In-Store Inventory System. They proposed two systems, “Forecast X” and “SmartStock,” which utilize AI and IoT technologies to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management. These systems can accurately predict inventory demand during promotions and extreme weather conditions and ensure that shelves are always stocked through real-time monitoring. The solution not only improves inventory management accuracy but also boosts operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The 1st runner-up was Roomates’s Smart Charge. They developed an intelligent charging solution that optimizes the utilization of charging stations through dynamic pricing strategies, preventing misuse. Their system adjusts prices in real-time based on market conditions and demand, maximizing the occupancy of charging stations.

The 2nd runner-up and Smart IOT Solutions Award for EV Charging (Student Category) went to TEAM CITYU’s SparkLink. It is an innovative application addressing the shortage of EV charging infrastructure in Hong Kong. It uses deep learning models to classify electric and non-electric vehicles. Their predictive vacancy model enhances charger availability and parking efficiency.

Special Award-Winning Projects

Best ESG Achievement Award was awarded to CECAS’s AIOT Lift & Escalator Maintenance System. They developed an AI and IoT-based lift and escalator maintenance system, improving the safety and efficiency of equipment operations. The system uses intelligent sensing technology for real-time monitoring of equipment status and predicts equipment failures through data analysis, enabling remote maintenance, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring reliable operation.

Innovator of Secure by Design was presented to RightPick Technology Limited’s Cybersecurity Solution. They proposed a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for IoT environments, ensuring the security of enterprise data and systems. The solution includes secure gateways, threat detection, and response systems, capable of real-time monitoring and defense against cyber-attacks, ensuring the data security of IoT devices.

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