Betterhalf garners global recognition at Forbes India list of 200 DGlobalist ‘Extrepreneurs’ 2023

Gurugram, 15 November 2023: Betterhalf- India’s largest professional wedding company has made it to the ranks of Forbes India and DGlobalist 2023 – top 200 companies with global business potential list, garnering a spot of global recognition in the global network of founders. The announcement demonstrates the company’s significant contribution to revolutionizing the traditional matrimony and wedding industry through its state-of-the-art platform of global presence.

Forbes India and DGlobalist, a Global Business Mobility Accelerator has launched an exclusive edition of DGEMS 2023 to announce the list of ‘Extrepreneurs’. The global event is aimed at nurturing the select 200 founders who have the potential to transform their business into a global brand, making it a borderless business.

Delighted with the selection, Mr. Pawan Gupta Co-founder and CEO of Betterhalf said, “Securing a spot in the Forbes and DGlobalist list of 200 companies with global business potential is an aspiration for many founders. We are thrilled to have acquired this position and honoured to join the league of global companies. The acknowledgment is the testament to our unwavering commitment to bring world-class matrimony & wedding solutions to the industry; dedication for our team and validation of our vision.”

The event solidifies the status of global standard innovation and scalability. The registered companies featured a list of ‘Key Scoring Criteria’ and companies scoring one or more were considered eligible for nominations. Betterhalf fulfilled all criteria including – annual turnover in the last 3 financial years of $1.5Mn USD (avg. in USD), patented technology, government grants and recognitions, funds raised from marquee investors, and innovative technology solution that outperforms other competitive players in the market.

Accelerating the vision of the selected entrepreneurs, DGEMS provides global business potential recognition to enable their branding in International markets, including with foreign investors. Additionally, it offers holistic insights on cross-border business setup opportunities through a series of sessions held by global experts from 10+ countries. The sessions will be instrumental in augmenting the founders’ deep knowledge and expertise by focusing on business ecosystems and growth opportunities, taxation & corporate structuring, fundraising, and government incentives in respective countries.

DGEMS 2023 works as a catalyst of change for entrepreneurs, exhibiting a platform for them to connect with a worldwide network of professionals, industry experts, and select approving bodies authorized under startup visas, innovator visas, and other business and entrepreneur mobility programs.

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