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Vedanta’s BALCO

22nd September 2023: On World Rose Day, Vedanta’s BALCO Medical Centre (BMC), one of India’s leading cancer care hospitals, reaffirms its commitment to providing quality healthcare service to cancer patients, especially those hailing from rural India. The state-of-the-art cancer treatment centre, which commenced operations in 2018, has since gone on to establish itself as a national leader in India’s oncological care landscape. On the occasion of World Rose Day, BMC undertook several initiatives to build awareness around cancer and acknowledge the tenacity demonstrated daily by cancer fighters and survivors.

World Rose Day is observed internationally as an occasion to encourage cancer patients in their fight against the disease, one of the most prevalent illnesses today. The possibility of preventing and successfully mitigating the incidence of cancer is enhanced greatly through timely diagnosis followed by quality treatment. Thus, the commemoration of World Rose Day included an informative lecture in collaboration with Samarth, a dedicated patient support network within BMC. This session empowered patients and their families with essential knowledge about cancer-related issues. It also included a rejuvenating yoga session that provided participants with a holistic approach to their overall well-being. The day’s events culminated in the distribution of roses to the patients, honouring their courage and resilience.

The BALCO Medical Centre is the most preferred oncology hospital in central India for advanced radiation therapy, brachytherapy, nuclear medicine, surgeries, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, blood-related disorders, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and pain & palliative care. Situated in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, the cutting-edge medical facility boasts 170 beds and state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. Since its inception, BMC has diligently served the healthcare needs of over 35,000 patients, addressing existing gaps in domestic cancer treatment, awareness, infrastructure and expertise. Furthermore, the centre has forged comprehensive research and knowledge alliances with prestigious institutions in the field, including the Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) in Mumbai and Anuva, a transnational research company specializing in genomics biotech.

On the occasion, Ms. Jyoti Agarwal, Chairperson of BALCO Medical Centre said, “We believe that healthy societies are the driver of inclusive development. Through the BALCO Medical Centre and its health interventions, we aim to revolutionize universal access to cancer care. By strengthening healthcare infrastructure, providing quality services for cancer care and promoting a proactive stance in maintaining health, we are helping create a step change in community wellbeing and a healthier, happier society across India.”

Underscoring the impact of the BALCO Medical Centre’s efforts, Dr Bhawna Sirohi, Medical Director of BMC, added, “World Rose Day is an occasion to celebrate the courage displayed by cancer patients, and recognise the efforts of care providers as well. BALCO Medical Centre is staffed by a committed team of experts committed to exploring new frontiers of technologies in their effort to provide best-in-class treatment, while also inspiring greater monitoring, healthier lifestyles, and timely interventions.”

Set up under the aegis of the Vedanta Medical Research Foundation (VMRF) and backed by the Anil Agarwal Foundation (AAF), the BALCO Medical Centre is making a difference in the lives of lakhs of people through increased access to quality medical care. BMC’s extensive roster of renowned cancer specialists regularly organises efforts to educate individuals on the cruciality of timely preventive screening and mitigation measures against various forms of cancer. Dedicated medical experts from the centre reach out to students, working professionals and other community members through several platforms such as awareness talks, health camps, and webinars. Along with cancer treatment, all patients at BALCO Medical Centre also receive robust psychological, nutritional and physical therapy, in addition to membership in patient support groups for emotional support during their care period.

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