TSWY Organizes a Spectacular Fashion Show and Fun-Filled Activities for Parents and Children


The Shri Ram Wonder Years hosted a remarkable fashion show and engaging activities for parents and children. The event aimed to foster parent-child bonding while providing all participants with an enjoyable and educational experience. Children emerged as ‘Rising Stars’ in various competitions during the event.

The highlight of the event was the ‘Mom & Me’ Fashion Show, with the theme “Around the World.” Students showcased vibrant and culturally diverse outfits representing various countries. The stage was adorned with flags of different nations, creating a visually captivating atmosphere. The school’s commitment to holistic learning was further demonstrated through the immersive decoration, showcasing the culture of different countries throughout the learning spaces.

Various games and challenges were organised to encourage active participation from parents and children. The activities included the Eating Challenge Pani Puri, where participants had to consume a minimum of 8 in 30 seconds, Dribble and Control Basket Ball, Balance the ball on Tennis Racket for 30 seconds, Arranging the Puzzle Pieces of cartoon characters, Sensory Treasure Hunt, Bowling alley, and more. These interactive games provided entertainment and encouraged teamwork and skill development.

To commemorate their participation, each child received an appreciation certificate and a photograph from the school as a memento. The professional photographer present at the event captured precious moments throughout the day, ensuring lasting memories for all attendees.

Ms. Shubhi, Principal, TSWY, expressed her delight at the success of the event, stating, “We believe that learning should extend beyond the classroom, and events like this enable us to create a stimulating environment for our students and their parents. We are proud to witness the enthusiasm and active engagement displayed by everyone involved. These events foster stronger bonds between parents and children while promoting a spirit of exploration and cultural understanding.”

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