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TRL Software Announces

May 12, 2023 – TRL Software’s Road Asset Management Software iROADS™ has been updated to include a ground-breaking Open Developer Portal. This state-of-the-art platform enables third-party developers and consumers to access client data through standard Open APIs, driving innovation, creating new data products and services, and unlocking data from silos.

The Open Developer Portal allows users to access an extensive range of data sets and services related to road infrastructure and maintenance, enabling them to develop innovative solutions that further enhance the value of the iROADS Digital Road Asset Management System.

Subu Kamal, Head of Product Management said: “The Open Developer Portal is a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to open up the road asset management industry. By providing easy access to a wealth of data, we’re empowering developers and consumers to create innovative solutions that will have a lasting impact on the way organisations manage their road networks. This is truly a testament to our commitment to driving efficiency and sustainability in the road infrastructure sector through open data approaches. This is consistent with our open data approach in our other products like UTC, powered by SCOOT7®”

John Proust, Product Owner, added: “The launch of our Open Developer Portal is a game-changer for the industry; arguably a first. By breaking down data silos and fostering collaboration, we are unlocking the full potential of our platform and helping our clients make more informed, data-driven decisions. We’re excited to see the innovative applications and services that emerge from this initiative, as it will undoubtedly lead to better, more sustainable road infrastructure.”

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