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Silver Oaks International School

Hyderabad, September 25th, 2023: Silver Oaks International School – a 22-year-old institution, nurturing both character and competence with an innovative pedagogy and an indigenous research-led curriculum; hosted a unique charitable pop-up event – Silver Oaks Street Store, to provide succour to the underprivileged, at Silver Oaks International Schools, Bachupally and Beeramguda in Hyderabad; today.

As part of the initiative, the students of Silver Oaks International Schools collected eighty thousand unused and redundant articles, books, toys, clothes, school bags, shoes and other utility items in usable condition, from their homes and that of their relatives and friends. Good Samaritans from the community too pitched in by contributing their bit to the noble initiative. Eighteen hundred kids and elders from deprived sections of the society visited the schools and picked the items of utility for their personal or family use.

The ’Silver Oaks Street Store’ initiative instils values of caring and sharing amongst the students of the School at a young age, helping them grow into compassionate and socially responsible individuals, who actively contribute to the well-being of all communities. While it’s also a means to clear the clutter at home, making it more airy, liveable and healthy, the biggest takeaway for the kids is building a strong character and imbibe good habits, to become a responsible individual. The initiative brightened up and brought smiles on the faces of underprivileged, in owning and cherishing the items they desired.

The Street Store was launched under the school’s major initiative ‘Me and My Country, We Grow Together’ which hosts a plethora of social responsibility activities throughout the year. Another such event under the umbrella initiative is ‘Coins For The Country’ where the students have raised about Rs. 1,50,00,000 and contributed it to the education of less fortunate children in rural areas. The primary goal of ‘Silver Oaks Street Store’ is to bridge the socio-economic divide by enabling able families to directly support the less fortunate. Through this activity, articles of utility were made available for the underprivileged to choose across all the four campuses of Silver Oaks International Schools in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, today.

At Silver Oaks International School, the mission extends beyond academic excellence; it aims to nurture Character Before Competence. Encouraging children to embrace the ‘art of giving’ from a young age is integral to this mission, as it instils a sense of social responsibility that becomes an intuitive practice.

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