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National, [17th November 2023], –Poorna Satya, India’s first unique platform dedicated to improving nutritional literacy and food safety, announces the official launch of its much-anticipated website, which aims at educating and providing customers with insights that help them make well-informed nutritional value decisions. This marks the first website in India, offering an instant way for people to see, compare, and interact with their food choices amidst various popular and organic brands. The platform was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Pawan Agarwal, former FSSAI CEO, Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (2020), and Revant Himatsingka, a health and wellness influencer with 1 million followers, apart from other influential names in the food and health safety bodies of India.

The opening event included a stimulating panel discussion on “The Importance of Food Awareness,” moderated by Dr. Pratichi Mishra. The discussion focused on essential aspects of food awareness, emphasizing the need to make informed decisions in the context of nutrition and food safety.

Poorna Satya’s remarkable venture started with a USD 5 million investment, emphasizing its potential impact on reshaping India’s food environment. The platform’s roadmap, which was unveiled at the event, outlines strategic initiatives such as the development of a user-friendly app, direct product scanning for over 5000 items, a 3X expansion of the comprehensive database, ongoing UI/UX enhancements, and brand collaborations.

Chahat Aggarwal

Poorna Satya is further aiming for an ambitious goal of reaching one million users by March, emphasizing its dedication to making nutritional literacy accessible to a wide audience.

During the research by the company, it was observed that over 80% of popular packaged foods consumed in India are halal. This helps the brand position the significance of Poorna Satya’s objective to enhance customer awareness and educate them about their food choices, thereby fostering industry transparency. Some of the broad categories to map food are Sattvic, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, and Keto.

Speaking on this launch, Chahat Aggarwal, CEO, Poorna Satya, said, “The success of our launch event reaffirms the need for comprehensive nutritional information among today’s consumers. We as a brand are dedicated to empowering people through information, and this is only the beginning.”

Dev Datt Sharma Promoter, Poorna Satya says “There is a significant rise in the lifestyle diseases, obesity and incidents of CVD in the last 5 years. As per The National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau the food habits of urban Indians which is tilting towards processed foods coupled with sedentary Lifestyle is a strong contributor to the health quotient. Therefore we are happy to invest in a nutrition literacy platform that will help people make informed choices about the food they consume and move towards healthier food habits which will have a strong impact on curbing food borne illness”

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