Nexus Seawoods brings to life The Lost World

Nexus Seawoods

Nexus Seawoods brings to life a 48 feet gigantic installation with larger-than-life extinct creatures which move around. Nexus Seawoods is known to curate the best experiences in terms of fashion, food & entertainment—to Navi Mumbaikars. It is also known among its patrons for its awe-inspiring and, often, educational setups. This summer, as always, Nexus Seawoods is the talk of the town as it offers visitors a trip to The Lost World.

The Lost World experience at the mall has 11 larger-than-life animatronics animals and creatures that used to roam the earth at a point in time. So impressive is the detailing and the animation of these installations that you can witness the Woolly Mammoth move its trunk, see the Sabre-Toothed Tiger look around for its prey, and much more! With these species now long extinct, the idea is to showcase to everyone, especially the younger generations, what our planet looked like before human interference. To provide an even deeper learning experience, the mall has installed a ‘Fossil World’ too.

The fun does not end here, the majestic line-up, apart from the aforementioned Mammoths and Sabre-Toothed Tigers, includes Ancient Armadillos, Ground Sloths, and even a Troll. Surrounded by a mock jungle, complete with a waterfall, the creatures can be seen in what used to be their habitat. Add to these installations the fact that a series of art & craft activities for kids is helping them learn new skills.

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