Motherhood Hospitals and Cult.Fit collaborates this Mother’s Day to promote fitness post pregnancy

Bengaluru, 15th May 2023: This Mother’s Day, Motherhood Hospitals collaborates with Cult.Fit for its newly launched Fit Mama Program that is designed to help new moms to get back to fitness post-delivery.

Post pregnancy fitness is essential for many reasons – physical recover for the mother as pregnancy and child birth takes a toll on her physical health. Many mothers tend to gain weight, suffer from issues like back pain, fatigue etc. Exercise and physical activity not only helps mothers to gain strength and agility, but also impacts positively on her emotional and mental health. Through this exclusive collaboration, 50 mothers delivered at Motherhood Hospitals get access to the FitMama program through a lucky draw contest.

The FitMama program by Cult.Fit aims to help every new/ old mama start or restart their fitness or exercise routine. The program will help fix issues like diastasis recti or abdominal separation caused from pregnancy, strengthen core and pelvic floor muscles, gain functionality & last but not least, lose weight.

And because weight loss is one of the goals, the program has meals plan designed by Ryan Fernando of Qua Nutrition for both lactating and non-lactating moms.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Shwetambari Shetty, Fitness Expert at Cult.Fit said, “Self-care especially for mothers is easy to overlook when so much is already going on in their lives as they play multiple roles to fulfil several responsibilities. It is important for mothers to schedule some time for themselves to enjoy whatever they would like to do and not feel guilty. I would also encourage women to focus on their fitness and nutrition which is of paramount importance for good health. FitMama was created with the intention of making fitness more accessible for moms along with Shwetambari Shetty, Dr Somya Rout and Dr Aditi Singh. I ‘am delighted to be a part of this campaign that explains the importance for mothers to take time for themselves this Mother’s Day and beyond.”

Dr Shefali Tyagi, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Motherhood Hospital, Sarjapur, Bangalore said, “It is important for mothers to take care of their overall health and adopt holistic approach. Mothers often tend to ignore their health as they do not find time to focus on their issues as they are busy caring for their family. This can take a toll both emotionally & physically. Therefore this campaign is a reminder to all mothers that self-care & self-love is important & there is no harm in indulging on some me time. For a woman who takes care of their mental as well as physical health, there are numerous potentials of being able to give their best in other aspects of their lives as well.”

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