Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

MUMBAI – June 10th, 2023: JSW One Homes, the tech-enabled home construction solutions arm of JSW One Platforms, has launched its inaugural digital brand campaign, #HomeToDreamHomes, aimed at highlighting the significance of a trusted partner throughout the home construction process. JSW One Homes plays this crucial role, assisting customers at every stage of realizing this dream (home).

The digital film adopts a child’s perspective to portray the journey of constructing a dream home. It underscores the notion that children’s dreams are untainted by practicality, serving as a pure reflection of their unwavering belief without compromise. The campaign’s central idea is that “certain dreams hold a special place in our hearts, and a dream home is one of them.” It recognizes that the dream of owning a home often takes root during childhood and evolves over time. JSW One Homes ensures that these innocent aspirations are transformed into reality. The campaign effectively communicates JSW One Homes’ brand purpose as an endearing expedition towards achieving one’s dream home.

Throughout the film, JSW One Homes emerges as the steadfast choice for families seeking to build their perfect home.

Gaurav Sachdeva, CEO, JSW One Platforms, stated, “At JSW One Homes, we work with our customers and their families to build their dream homes. Our tech helps us and our network of contractors, architects and suppliers to simplify the construction process for our customers. Our new campaign highlights the joy and ease of building a home with JSW One Homes.”

The digital ad film has been launched on social platforms across Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Salem markets through the digital channels. JSW One Homes aims to reach 10.7 million customers through this month-long campaign.

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