Cornitos’ Unwavering Commitment to Food Safety


Cornitos – the nachos brand understands that food safety is of paramount importance, and the company takes rigorous measures to ensure the highest standards in this aspect. They maintain stringent quality control measures at every stage, from sourcing raw ingredients to manufacturing and packaging. The brand adheres to all applicable food safety regulations and guidelines set by local and international authorities and stays updated with the latest industry practices and continuously evolves its processes to meet or exceed these standards.

They continuously prioritize training and education for its employees regarding food safety practices and conduct regular workshops and sessions for them. All staff members are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to handle food safely, ensuring a hygienic environment and reducing the risk of contamination. Recently, Cornitos organized an Awareness Program that aimed to foster awareness and promote a culture of hygiene and adherence to food safety norms among all Cornitos employees.

Cornitos remains committed to cultivating a safe and healthy work environment while emphasizing the significance of food safety awareness among its valued team members.

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