Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

14 Young authors at Manav Rachna International School,

The momentous event was graced by esteemed guest of honor, Ms. Swati Sengupta – a renowned author and former journalist along with Mr. Rajesh Kalra – Chairman of MRIS Sector 51, Gurugram & Ludhiana, Mr. Gaurav Rai – Executive Director of MRIS Sector 51, Gurugram & Ludhiana, Ms. Sanyogita Sharma – Director, MRIS, Ms. Pooja Puri – Principal and renowned authors. The Student Council members extended a warm welcome to the guests, setting the tone for the evening.

At MRIS, it is believed that in today’s technology-driven world, children must develop dynamic writing skills and a deep passion for reading. The Young Authors Felt Pen Program serves as a platform to nurture these talents. Confetti is the 11th book published by the young authors at MRIS under the YAFP program after the successful launch of Vivid, Starlight, Limitless, Over the Moon, Spring Tide, Textures, Bew, Sequined and Symphony.

During the launch, the budding authors from the school shared their experiences of writing their stories, which will now become a part of the MRIS curriculum. Authors expressed their joy in writing for the second time, reminiscing about their earlier book, ‘Over the Moon.’ MRIS strives to empower every child with a voice, instilling in them the ability to write for self-expression, fostering a love for reading, and nurturing their passion to become extraordinary storytellers.

Ms. Sengupta addressed the young authors, discussing their potential and writing abilities, inspiring and motivating them for their future endeavors. Additionally, there was an engaging session where the YAFP authors had the opportunity to interact with renowned authors present at the ceremony.

Ms. Pooja Puri congratulated the students and their parents quoting, “the love for learning is developed at a very young age and the love for reading & writing can be created at any age, because that’s the beauty of literature. I am proud to see how these young litterateurs have manifested their dream with the support of the mentors and their friends at School.”

Mr. Gaurav Rai motivated the young authors saying, “This is the second book released by the students of MRIS 51 Gurugram and I am overjoyed to see the inclination towards reading & writing amongst today’s generation. Right guidance and true passion are the keys to success in any field you choose to follow.”

Manav Rachna is committed to nurturing young talent and promoting a lifelong love for literature and storytelling among students. The schools are truly dedicated to providing a platform for creativity and self-expression, empowering students to become confident writers and avid readers.

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